LaCie 8GB MosKeyto Nano USB Flash Drive £15.99  @ Comet (£30 RRP)

LaCie 8GB MosKeyto Nano USB Flash Drive £15.99 @ Comet (£30 RRP)

Found 26th Nov 2011
LaCie 8GB MosKeyto Nano USB Flash Drive
(includes 8GB subscription to online storage Wuala)

I've been after a good performing nano USB thumb drive for my netbook that doesn't protrude much from the side. This pretty much fits the bill - ITS TINY!
To be honest, this seems a little expensive compared other USB flash drives of the same storage size however its size, performance and fact that it comes from a reputable company makes it a hot deal in my books

Website description

An Elephant's Memory in a Tiny MosKeyto.
The LaCie MosKeyto measures less than 20mm and weighs just 10 grams, making it one of the smallest USB keys on the market. It offers capacities up to 16GB, and becomes nearly invisible when plugged into your computer, and can even travel alongside it in a protective sleeve or briefcase - just plug it, and forget it. Since it lies flush against your device, you'll never lose it, and there is no risk of damage to the USB port, computer or key if the drive is knocked or bumped.
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£9.99 for a tiny Sandisk one at Play.

For car stereo the "Verbatim 43940 Netbook 8GB USB 2.0 Drive" from Amazon at £10.08 is even better because has no annoying led.
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Or buy item 220813472541 on ebay for £1.50 delivered ( buy-it-now)
Its a microSD card reader the same size as these drives. Its that tiny that most of the microSD card is in the metal part of the USB socket.

Then you can buy an 8GB microSD card for £4.99 and have the same thing as posted for under £6.50

I have one and use it in the car's MP3 player.
yes it's cheaper, but it's not the same thing.

yes it's cheaper, but it's not the same thing.

It is effectively the same thing and its only £6.50 for 8GB size.
It works in car stereos the same ( or in a laptop if thats what you want it for) and is the same size as the Verbatim or Lacie drives.
That is how it looks with the card inserted - it does not stick out and is held securely

I'm not talking about the effective use, but about the deal because:

1) You are comparing deals from reputable online stores like Amazon/Play vs an ebay seller.
2) You are comparing a usb stick from a major brand (Sandisk/Verbatim) vs an obscure noname microsd reader.

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