Lacie LaCinema Classic 1TB MKV media player @ £112.65 + £5.09 delivery charge = £117.74 @ BTShop

Lacie LaCinema Classic 1TB MKV media player @ £112.65 + £5.09 delivery charge = £117.74 @ BTShop

Found 29th Apr 2010
Nice loking media player that supports 1080p and with a software update from Lacie last month now supports the MKV format. Don't know how this compares to the WD TV but with a 1TB hard drive included and wired or wireless connection to your network with USB or a wifi dongle (see the Lacie website) it looks to be a really nice solution.

This might not be the cheapest price for this so please do some checking first before ordering. I'd be really interested to hear if anyone has used this and what the playback is like.



The price is £132.36 ( including vat), so more expensive.

Looks interesting. Shame I just bought a PlayOn!HD Mini

Any reviews in the Lacie?

my mate has one and its def one of the best and very pretty to stare at, also with a 1tb drive this must be the best deal out there for this

Or you could buy the "bridge" version (without HDD) and a Samsung F2 1TB from eBuyer for £101 delivered. In fact the bridge version at £48 delivered, sounds like a good deal for a branded MKV player.

Need to post the "bridge" version - that is a very hot price...

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After some investigating I am sorry to say I mis-read the pages on the Lacie webite. MKV support is ONLY available on the HD version which is retailing around the £200 mark. lucky I was just about to purchase. I'm expiring for this reason.
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