Lacoste Inspiration Perfume 50ml edp £13.90 delivered @ amazon

Lacoste Inspiration Perfume 50ml edp £13.90 delivered @ amazon

Found 11th Oct 2010Made hot 11th Oct 2010
Lacoste Inspiration Perfume 50ml less than half price delivered
ONLY £13.90
30ml ONLY £11.15
75ml only £20.80



Thanks babymanor, a really nice perfume for the price! I've added an image to your post, for help with images please check out this link…thr

Thanks, will make a great xmas pressie for the misses.

does it smell nice??

Thanks just got the 75ml for £20.80
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It's 14.99 on Ebay so not a massive saving,but a saving all the same

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Think this has expired now as it's quoting 13.90 + 1.95 delivery from a private seller only.

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75 ML STILL GOING and 30ml now £13.29

Its really strong and gives you a headache after a while. I got some off the other half for Xmas but I hardly wear it - as its just so strong and potent! (it wasn't expensive to start with otherwise it wouldn't have been an Xmas pressie!!!!!). Its being discountinued hence the slightly lower price!

thankyou for telling me

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"The essence of feminine freedom. Joyous and spontaneous."

Top Notes: Mirabelle plum, pink pepper, pomegranate, mandarin
Middle Notes: tuberose, peony and jasmine, lily of the valley
Base Notes: iris, musk, vanilla, sandalwood

I will make no disguise of the fact that I love oriental floral perfumes and my favourite floral notes are jasmine and lily of the valley; so I will attempt to be neutral and un-biased in my review - and probably fail miserably!!

In some ways you would expect this one to be similar to Gucci's Envy Me (which I have just reviewed) as they both have fruity, pink pepper and peony notes, but they could not be more different, but equally enchanting!

You do get interesting sweet fruits initially, but never alone, they are combined with soft powdery floral notes that are, quite frankly, delicious! These are tempered with musky undertones. To be honest, I lose the subtle lily of the valley and jasmine notes a little, as the tuberose and peony as always, attempt to take centre stage, but not in an unpleasant way.

The dry-down is unmistakeably vanillary, musky, warm and sensual, and this is when this fragrance really smells at its best.

Whilst you can get away with this in an office environment, as it is relatively light and sweet, it is best worn on warm summer evenings, out with friends (or a hot night in with someone special).

It has good sillage and is fairly long-lasting too.

The bottle is a clear chunky oval filled with blue tinted perfume. Simple and unpretentious.

This is truly a classic oriental floral fragrance and represents most of the best qualities of this fragrance family (a balance of sweet, powdery florals and mellow woods and musks) and it reinforces why I am always drawn to this type of fragrance.

A classic Lacoste fragrance indeed!

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