Ladies' Accurist Dress Watches For £14.99 @ Watt Bros, Robroyston, Glasgow, In Store

Ladies' Accurist Dress Watches For £14.99 @ Watt Bros, Robroyston, Glasgow, In Store

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Says £99.99 RRP which I'm sceptical about but they're nice to wear on a night out.

Picture of them all together (the two on the left are the same style):3012389.jpgClose-up pictures of all four styles:
3012389.jpg3012389.jpgMay as well turn it into a Watt Bros spam, as I took a few pictures today, sent them to my sis!

Alberto Balsam Coconut & Lychee Conditioner 400ml for 35p
3012389.jpgThis £1.99 "Russian Tank" watch genuinely would be a "daily beater" - it looks as though the hands are Lumed - not 100% sure.
Tbh I thought it looked a bit cheap in person. Also mentioned on Poundshop dot com (OOS) - this one is in stock, though (seems a few have been on there).
Edit: Seems to have come from here - though, not sure where the surplus has come from. All over ebay and Amazon
There's a discussion about the Eaglemoss Military Watches on Watchuseek here
Poundworld had them late last year (don't remember seeing them in mine!)…ld/ (says they have Seiko AL55A movements)
3012389.jpgPic from an ebay listing: 3012389.jpgDK Readers Marvel books 99p:

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Can’t go wrong for £15.
(On Amazon) 8023 (from squinting at the picture, I think the watch in Watt Bros is this silver-toned one as it has gold-surround gemstones) £…JDC
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If you really like the Russian Tank Watch, yes, a bit over the odds seeing as it was on Poundshop dot com, but you can get it here for £2.98 + Free…HQ6
Watt Brothers have also got a bundle of towels on display too - mum told me - different colours, £3 for the Bath Sheet, £2 Bath Towel, £1 Hand Towel. Thought they felt a bit thin but mum seemed happy with hers.
On a slight tangent, I got one of those military watches from Poundshop dot com (amongst other stuff to fill up my basket). It arrived with the back off and I think I need a case back press to put it on It's not the greatest watch ever but looks a bit better than £1 - from a distance - a bit like its owner 34761281-eygld.jpg
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