Ladies Fleece jacket £6.99 @Lidl from 14/11

Ladies Fleece jacket £6.99 @Lidl from 14/11

Found 10th Nov 2013
Been looking for a fleece and bought what I thought was a bargain, the other day for a tenner, and turned out to be the thinnest fleece possible in history so this looks the part and the price is fab too.
Made from soft, fluffy material
With stand-up collar and extra-long sleeves with thumb hole for extra comfort
Anti-pilling, bobble-preventing finish
Available in various colours
Sizes: 10 - 20
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Cool. Like the glove design ! Heat added !
Hm, Amazon's prices appear to have gone up since yesterday! ^ The Cathie fleece will be quite thick, I'd imagine.

Regatta Outlet (on ebay) and on Amazon has cheap-ish fleeces, from £4 … Regatta Outlet (on ebay) and on Amazon has cheap-ish fleeces, from £4 upwards, if that helps. Some are free delivery, some are £3.95 P&P.Amazon:

Did the Regatta from the official store and it is so flimsy a lace top would keep me warmer in winter, and I have always previously bought Regatta or Peter Storm. Also I wanted one with full zip which seems to be rare nowadays, all 1/4 zip!! I think for the price it is a bargain IMO
I've bought micro fleeces (clue in the name, I guess) which were rubbish and are too lightweight, but if you judge each fleece by the weight listed (in g) you'll know what you're getting.

I've bought fluffy material fleeces similar to the Lidl one and they didn't wash or wear well at all...but we all have different experiences, and I haven't tried this one personally!
This looks really nice, love the Bench style thumbholes.
Don't waste your time! Drove over to get one, they only had 3 left at 10am this morning, no black only the jade and the raspberry, all size large and they are so thin you could spit peas through them!
I went into the Glenrothes store this morning and they had loads, in all colours - although they were selling fast. I normally take a size 10-12, but luckily tried one on in that size before I bought it and found they were cut really quite small, so I went for the medium (14-16) instead, which fits perfectly. I have to say I'm quite impressed with the quality - should be nice and cosy, I think people are forgetting that it only costs £6.99, you won't get amazing quality for that price! Heat added, thanks for posting OP xxx
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