Ladies Garden Clogs £2.99 @Lidl

Ladies Garden Clogs £2.99 @Lidl

Found 27th Aug 2007
* Made from durable, light material
* Comfortable insole
* Available in green or blue
* Sizes: 4 - 7
* Price per pair
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Why do people wear these when out of the garden e.g. when shopping? They are hideous!
aww am a size 8 no clogs for me lol
They'd be good for self defense kick someone where it hurt
Useless for the garden, even at £2.99 or any price!

Your feet will get wet when walking on grass until the sun dries the morning dew and forget about working on beds & borders unless you like having your socks or toes soiled.

Fashion statement? Don't make me laugh!
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