Ladies UGG Purple Button Up Sheepskin Boots £64 @ TK Maxx

Ladies UGG Purple Button Up Sheepskin Boots £64 @ TK Maxx

LocalFound 11th Dec 2017
Just found these cheap UGG boots on TK MAXX whilst browsing. Great deal at £64! Great for Christmas.
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Gotta love Ugg boots! 32701074-ur6Sp.jpg
Only size 9.5
size 9.5 only?
Gotta love Ugg boots! 32701074-ur6Sp.jpg
Good find but only size 9.5
Ugliest footwear fashion going. Great if you want to look like a Yeti
virgil473 m ago

Gotta love Ugg boots! [Image]

I usually wear Uggs (well, the water resistant leather pair I have are now looking rather woebegone) so I bought these from TK Maxx recently - may be in your stores, not much left online now. The ones I have are Navy and have "skull" embellishments rather than "stars".

Kat Von D's fashion brand, these boots were supposedly in the £100s when originally released - not sure her clothing brand went too well as its weblinks no longer work! Obviously as these are soft suede they're not as waterproof, but decent for £39.99…807

Really good rubber soles as well, some "Fuggs" have rubbish soles.
Edited by: "louiselouise" 11th Dec 2017
Crap boots the sides fold down due to the leather being to thin ...common fault with the Button Up.
As my late Gran used to call them - Simpleton slut wellys
Where did you get my picture from(lol)
Notice you didn’t put the purple ugg boots picture up for your post lol
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