Lady Ga Ga - Fame Monster - MP3 Download - AMAZON - £3.00

Lady Ga Ga - Fame Monster - MP3 Download - AMAZON - £3.00

Found 18th Feb 2010Made hot 18th Feb 2010
2 Discs and 24 tracks. All the hits and more.
Truly different and highly talented.
Took a while but a grower.


this is a real good deal

beat me by two mins.
Still not sure if I like Lady Gaga, but might give this album a chance for only 3 quid

great price i like her in a weird way watched her at glasto last year

how does the mp3 download work? could i get it on my phone computer and ipod for just £3?

you need to download a "downloader" which works in windows, 32 bit linux or some Mac.

I forgot that it doesn't work on my x64 Ubuntu configuration

is the "downloader" free?


is the "downloader" free?

yeah go to download the album and it will automatically install it then u download it and the music will go straight into ur itunes or which ever music program u use

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is the "downloader" free?


Grr I bought this a few weeks ago for £9!!!

£3 is a bargain, good find!

Bargain, really good album imo too.

You beat me by 2 hours, am in the middle of downloading it.

Hot from me.

put price in the title please.

She has 24 tracks?!

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put price in the title please.


what a bargain i wanted this just for the telephone song lol. thanks

Isnt she a he?

this a great album but its old album with a some extra songs but she has some ace songs in that album pretty cheap for £3

Civic EG6;7884578

Isnt she a he?



La roux is the same price - mebbe its an Amazon Brits special thing?

Civic EG6;7884578

Isnt she a he?

Have a wee peek over at

Some, err, interesting shots from the Brits. :shock:

yup all the Brits albums look like they are 3 quid


Good pop album. The extra tracks are a load of ***** though

Disagree bought this album when it first came out for 9 quid, 3 is a bargain!

awesome album

Not bad if you want to listen to a puppet of the masonic orders....

Anyone who's downloaded this, can you tell us if this version is censored?

Cheers :thumbsup:

Good price. Bummed cos I paid £5 for it at Asda last week. Grr!

Nice price, one of my favourite artists at the moment. Highly talented. I wonder how she is going to top Bad Romance

Cheers - just ordered and downloading as I type!


Wonderfully camp - a bright star - downloaded - cheers!

Bargain, bought.
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