Lady In The Water DVD - £3.00 Instore At HMV

Lady In The Water DVD - £3.00 Instore At HMV

Found 31st Jan 2008
Kindly caretaker Cleveland Heep (Paul Giamatti, SIDEWAYS) discovers an elfin creature named Story (Bryce Dallas Howard, THE VILLAGE) living in the swimming pool of the apartment complex where he works. It soon becomes apparent to Cleveland that Story is not of this world, and that her mission to deliver a message to mankind is fraught with danger. The stuttering caretaker tries valiantly to protect her so that she may have safe passage back to the Blue World from whence she came. Suspension of disbelief is mandatory in this beautifully realised modern day fable, directed by master of suspense M. Night Shyamalan, who puts his own unique spin on the conventions of the traditional fairy tale.

Remember, this is an In-Store price only.

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Sorry but this is one really bad film, definately not worth £3.00
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