Lagavulin 16yr whisky £33.83 at Sainsburys - usually over £40

Lagavulin 16yr whisky £33.83 at Sainsburys - usually over £40

Found 6th Aug 2011
A fantastic Islay whisky which is not as commonly discounted as others. No less than £40 at other supermarkets, if you've been meaning to try this one, now is the time to give it a shot! It's quite peaty but in a very pleasant way, no smelly sock, wet dog presence like laphraoig (which I do actually like also)!
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most of the whisky is discounted by 20% at sainsbury's until 09.08.2011
As I already had a bottle of Laga the one I actually bought was Highland Park 12 which was down to £23 but I thought Lagavulin deserved a special mention because it's not been discounted to this level for quite some time, whereas others have. Highland Park is a great one to buy as well!
Great price for Laga 16. Hot
Great price for Laga 16. Hot
Fantastic drink. Will get some if I pass buy as bottle is less than half full atm. Cheers
Thanks for the post - I think it's the best malt of them all... Cheers (hic)
Ooooh! Not had a bottle of this for around 8 months.... think I'll be off to get one in a mo though. One of the best Malts available.... :-)
Many Thanks for Posting this, Hubby got one from Asda Saturday £42.97 he paid! A favorite drink not bought that often, he got this as our daughter had given birth to our 4th grandchild that morning, Time to treat ourselves! then saw this posted so have been on the Asda site to Takethe challange 10% cheaper or we will give you the difference. Guaranteed. So we got a voucher for Asda for £10.44. I know it's a voucher but it all counts at the end of the day. Cheers! Heat Added
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