Lager, Cider + more from 50p a can £10 @ Morrisons.

Lager, Cider + more from 50p a can £10 @ Morrisons.

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Lager, Cider + more from 50p a can.

All the below are @ £10.

20 Cans of Carlsberg 440ml
20 Cans of Strongbow 440ml
12 Hop House 330ml
20 Becks 275ml
20 Stella 284ml
12 Corona 330ml
12 Kopparberg 330ml
18 Coors Light 440ml
20 Bud 300ml
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Voted hot, although I think this was posted before Christmas

There was also 2 for £20 offer as I remrmber
This was advertised on the TV this morning, I'm sure it's a new offer as the other one was a 2 for £20, but I'm guessing it has already been posted.
Deal has been on for a while
Mmm....... Beer.....
Carling is NOT lager.
RickDoyle1 h, 46 m ago

Carling is NOT lager.

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It's worth knowing that Molson Coors have admitted that Carling lager is NOT 4% as shown on the side of the can but actually 3.7%.

Carling have been deliberately brewing their lager at 3.7% for years so that they can pay less tax on the alcohol content.

Boycott the stuff.

The Independent : Alcohol content of Carling is weaker than advertised.

BBC News : Carling alcohol content is weaker than advertised.

The Sun : Carling lager is weaker than advertised.

Daily Mail : Carling 'lied about the amount of alcohol in its lager'.
Thanks Op!

@mrzootsuit - wow thanks for that - you learn something new on HDUK every day!
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No fosters?
Any cans of Stella on offer?
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