Lagunilla Rioja Reserva 750ml Spain 2008 only £5.99 per bottle @ Morrisons

Lagunilla Rioja Reserva 750ml Spain 2008 only £5.99 per bottle @ Morrisons

Found 5th Nov 2013
Lagunilla Rioja Reserva 750ml
Spain 2008

£12.99 now £5.99 per bottle


If buying a case Morrisons Wine Cellar offer Free Delivery and 10% off code (MCXMAS10)


Great post!

Remember, y'all: "Reserva" or "Denominación de Origen Calificada" (D.O.C. / Qualified designation of origin) on a rioja label means it's better in the opinion of the vintner than the standard fare, so always choose "Reserva", "Gran Reserva" or "DOC" when possible.

Also, with riojas, choose "Rioja Alta" over any other Rioja region - again, the wines are generally better that the lower slopes though the Alavesa region has nicely full-bodied and complex riojas, too.

If in doubt:

Regions: Rioja Alavesa, Rioja Alta and Rioja Baja
SEE:…esa /…lta /…aja

Rioja towns to look for on labels:
- Haro
- Logrono (w/ tilde)
- Estella
- Miranda de Ebro

Some of the best know producers are:
- La Rioja Alta
- Muga
- Marques de Murrieta
- Marques de Caceres.

Rats - forgot to mention that a Rioja is a young-drinking wine: Nooo I don't mean the young should drink it [wasted on their untrained tastebuds ;)] but rather a Rioja is not a wine to keep for years & years laid down in yr [hehehe as if] cellar like French Bordeaux... Rioja's prime years are between 5 and 10 yrs old and sometimes up to 12; very very rarely after 15 yrs and certainly not past 18 yrs
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