Laila Basmati Rice 90p/kg 5 kg bag £4.50 @ Asda

Laila Basmati Rice 90p/kg 5 kg bag £4.50 @ Asda

Found 29th Jan 2017
Laila Basmati Rice 90p/kg

£4.50 for 5 kg bag @ Asda
Roll back from £10
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best rice ever !
Got Akash Basmati from Asda today at £4 for 5kg.
Don't really rate Laila brand. Found Beetles in my 10kg flour I bought from Tesco (2 for 1 offer), did contact Laila and Tesco. Tesco told me to contact Laila, which I did by email, Laila did not bother replying.Then I decided to telephone Laila, but sadly the person who answered could not understand what I was saying as his English skills were very poor. I just gave up in the end, and decided to stay away from Laila products.
Kalvinlions wanted to complain about the free extra protein- talk about gift horses n all.

But seriously sounds like you were unlucky. Been buying Leila basmati for years and never encountered any issues on the quality.
My daughter is suffering from cancer and I told dulai family to pay my money back and these **** is not paying my money back

Please don't make these thief are a hero and they are not hero ? They are a ZERO
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