Laila Chilli & Garlic Sauce 1L: 50p at Morrisons

Laila Chilli & Garlic Sauce 1L: 50p at Morrisons

Found 10th Sep 2016
Down from £1.50
Made from a tempting blend of coarsely ground chillies this spicy sauce from Laila Foods is ideal for spicing up your taste buds and making your snacks more enjoyable. The delicious flavour of this sauce can be added as a complement to just about anything - from crackers, to meats or to soups! A sauce from Laila Foods - created with just the right blend of ingredients!
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It's a very big size... Tried it when it was on offer at Tesco for £1 and thought that was good value, this is much better. Have some heat!
good find op, heat added
Sounds brilliant value! Nice spot
According to our local store, this is a clearance item as they are changing the bottle design. So it will be a where-is-as-is deal. (All in our local had gone by yesterday.)

But.....they may also have the Hot Chilli and Peri Peri versions too.
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A really hot offer.
Mix it with some noodles to give them a proper kick

A really hot offer.

not sure if you meant it ..but this is really quite funny because you said it was a hot offer and the sauce is a spicy one which some people call hot
oh my sides
Edited by: "brilly" 10th Sep 2016
not worth it even at 50p - tastes awful imo
Great bbq base, add seasoning, basteand cook
These are awful, not worth 10p!
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