L.A.I.R LAIR PS3 £19.99 Delivered
L.A.I.R LAIR PS3 £19.99 Delivered

L.A.I.R LAIR PS3 £19.99 Delivered

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I know it's not up to much but at this price it's not bad?

4% Quidco too...
- jonperks


Excellent price - although the game isnt great this is a great find - rep given

I know this game got panned in every review, but for some reason I really want to play it and try for myself :oops:

Good price heat and rep given.

Or instead put the £20 towards Uncharted which is out at the end of the week.

Guys, don't just listen to the reviews. Get or RENT the game and try it.

I rented it yesterday, and I'm in love with it! After about 20 minutes I got used to the controls and had no problems! I love it! Graphics are the best on the PS3 at the moment also, wait until you see some of the bosses! (Yes, they're better than Uncharted graphics, I have tried both games.)

Rent it at the least, give it a go.
I love it.

Just a tip: It seems most people keep on tapping X to flap faster all the way through the game and then scream they can't control the dragon. GUYS. Seriously. Tapping X is just for a quick speed boost, not to be used all the time.

Have you read the review that someone added at the bottom of the link to the game on the website? I've added it below it doesn't sound that good :?

Ive got this game. Graphics are nothing special compared to games we are used to now,but the controls are utterly sh*t! You cant use the analog and have to use the motion sensor to control and its just rubbish. Dont no why people made a big deal about this game

Didnt do very well with the reviewers either. I usally overlook reviews and play if I think I like it but I wish i had listened to them!

Before anyone has ago at me i didn't write this :whistling:

See how they all the negative ones mention the controls...
They work fine if you handle them slowly and not like a hyper retard.

Game reviews dont mean sh!t to me these days, you only have to look at what is happening at gamespot/cnet.

Ive played this game on my mates ps3 for liek 1 or 2 hours, it is truly terrible, better putting the £20 towards goos games like Uncharted or even heavenly sword.


Nice deal. thanks and welcome to the forums jonperks

Price back up to £29.99!


I seem to have missed out on this deal, it is now £29.99....can you let me knowwhere you found it at £19.99 please?
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