Laird/Lady Title Gift Pack £16.95 boysstuff.co.uk £3.95 delivery
Laird/Lady Title Gift Pack £16.95 boysstuff.co.uk £3.95 delivery

Laird/Lady Title Gift Pack £16.95 boysstuff.co.uk £3.95 delivery

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This is a bit of a random one. How would you or a loved one like to become a real laird or lady? For £16.95 you could have a genuine title. Would be excellent present for those that have everything and you will own land, granted it is only a square foot.
Read the blurb to find out more.
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Imagine the scene - a dinner party where everyone is banging on about the size of their mortgage, and how much money they've made, and how much they have made of property investments. And then the question comes round to you.
And you pause (for effect, of course) before agreeing property is a good investment while explaining that that's no the reason why you decided to invest in land on a large estate in Scotland. Their mouths open. You explain that you now are officially a Laird (lord) or lady (insert appropriate title here) an how you also intend to help protect the environment by ensuring that your land is never developed, your greater social responsibility as a landowner, and all that..After the bread rolls have stopped raining down on your head you can fill in some of the details.

Tell them that your plot of the Glencairn estate is a genuine, legally-owned parcel of land on the massive Glencairn estate, which will help to ensure that the estate is never broken up or built on, so there's a good cause behind the fun too. You'll receive a personalised title deed inscribed with your name and title, your personal plot number and a plot map, plus maps, pictures and local information, a hardback book of Scottish history, and more, all in a wonderful presentation pack.

You'll have taken an elegant step up the social ladder by becoming a Laird or Lady of Glencairn, and the fun can continue as you enjoy the looks on faces of receptionists and check-in staff as they offer you upgrades and take you to the front of queues, or show you to special VIP fitting rooms in Harrods (as if you can afford their stuff anyway!).

All you need is a kilt and some language training and you can head north to inspect the territories.They love absentee English landowners up there!

Product description:

Scottish land owners are legally entitled to use the title of Laird. When registered you will own a token piece of land in Scotland and will be a Laird.

You will then be sent an official personalised land ownership certificate along with a 'Proof of Title' card. This card allows you entry into the Lairds Retreat. This is 10 acres of beautiful land in Argyll which is owned by South Angus Survival. It is located by the banks of Loch Riddon which is viewed by many as one of Scotland's most beautiful lochs. The Laird/Lady and their party are free to camp, hike and fish on the land - full details of the retreat are enclosed in the gift box.

A map showing you the location of your plot is enclosed in your gift box. In order to preserve the natural state of the land there are no signs directing you to the plot neither are there any facilities on site. We suggest that you visit the Lairds Retreat rather that your plot.

So, forget Mr, Mrs or Miss - become a Laird or Lady!!

Inside the gift box:

Welcome letter

An explanation of the gift

A booklet about the Laird's Retreat

Information on the history of Glencairn

A map of Glencairn

Presentation certificate

Presented in a luxury metal gift tin

After registration you will receive:

Land ownership certificate

Proof of title card

Gift details:

Upon registration your will own a square foot of land in Scotland

With that land ownership you will be entitled to use a Laird title (Scottish equivalent of the English Lord/Lady)

Gain full, free access to a beautiful Laird's Retreat in Scotland

The Laird's retreat is situated in Argyll and consists of 10 acres of hillside by the banks of Loch Riddon which is one of Scotland's most beautiful unspoilt lochs.

The estate benefits from a fresh water stream running to the loch and Laird's are free to fish, boat, hike or camp at the retreat if they wish.

Full details on how to become a Laird and further information about the Laird's Retreat are enclosed inside the gift box.

Register your gift in one of two ways; either return the registration form enclosed in the box or go online to complete your registration.

Visit your plot; map of Glencairn is enclosed.

After registration receive a certificate confirming their land ownership and a plastic, credit card sized proof of title card.

Pass your title down through the generations.


Once registered, do I have to use the title?

No, you can still carry on using your original title. You will just legally be entitled to use the title Laird at any time you wish.

Can I call myself a Lord?

No, you can not call yourself a Lord as it is very difficult to purchase a British aristocratic title. You can call yourself a Laird though.

Will I genuinely own the land?

Yes, once registered the land is legally yours.

Can my land and title be inherited?

Yes, as long as Scottish Highland Titles are informed of the changes then your title and land can be passed on.

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