Lake District Mature Cheddar 700g for £2.50 @ Morrisons

Lake District Mature Cheddar 700g for £2.50 @ Morrisons

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Apologies if already posted, I have searched and nothing came up. Shopping this morning and Morrisons have Lake District mature cheddar twin pack (2x350g) for £2.50. Loads on the shelf so I grabbed a couple of blocks. No idea what it tastes like but at this price I'll either enjoy it, suffer it or give it the kids.


No idea what it tastes like

It is really nice cheese, my favourite mature cheddar At this price it is a bargain!
Will be popping into my local later to stock up. Cheers, heat added!

At around £3.57 per kg you cant go wrong.

I was wondering how long it would keep in the freezer' so I could stock up.

great price,cheers op

My favourite cheddar by far, really nice flavour!

Hot! Wish we had a morrisons!!

Sainsburys is £3.87 but buy one get one free.

Was just about to say its 2 quid in co-op but that's only for 250g. Hot hot hot!

Picked up some of this yesterday

do not freeze this cheese,,unlike poor quaality cheeses ,this loses all flavour and falls to pieces,,making it inedible....too good a cheese to waste

Only 98p each at Asda if you're a friend of Martins

This offer is not in my local morrisons


At around £3.57 per kg you cant go wrong. I was wondering how long it … At around £3.57 per kg you cant go wrong. I was wondering how long it would keep in the freezer' so I could stock up.

I,ve kept it in fridge for two years tastes better


I,ve kept it in fridge for two years tastes better

How did it not go mouldy? :O

No, in Edinburgh,boo.Got some on a missprice sticker though,hooray

Offer not available in Bolton,,,

Good deal, heat added!

My favourite supermarket cheddar


Sadly seems to be like rocking horse ####. It's a great cheese too.
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Brilliant deal for 700g - bought from sainsburys on bogof deal recently, okay supermarket cheese but not as strong as I'd like.

Wait, has anyone other than the OP been able to get this deal?

went to morrisons for cheese yesterday, dont recall seeing this.

just picked mine up at the morrisons,speke,liverpool,be careful,as they weren't on the end of aisle,they were on the top shelf more or less hidden

None in Mansfield Woodhouse!

Just got back from my local and couldn't find this offer

Best I could see was 350g for £1.99. Good deal if u can get it

Just got back with this offer, had to rummage behind the single packs to find it though, the 250g packs were £1 too, so good deal all round.

nice for those that could get it i went up to morrisons and there was nothing on the shelves whatsoever. Good deal for the ones that got it mind.

paid £1.99 for 350g just now at morrisons wigan. this was displayed as a half price deal. price /kg was equal to their own mature cheddars from Ireland and Wales and almost the same as Cathedral City offer.

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I'm a bit **** off, I went to Morrison's (Lincoln) especially for this and they didn't even have any! Not out of stock, they weren't even selling it. I asked a bloke who worked there and he said they don't even sell the 700g version?

They only had £1.99 for 350g at mine.

So either it's not nationwide or something is going on.

It's a twin pack 2 x 350g.

£5 in my morrisons.

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I'm sorry if anyone made a special journey and didn't get this. I just put up what I found at my local. I've just had my first attempt at that photophuket thingy to help those disbelievers. I've no idea how to put a picture here but hopefully the links will work.

The goods....…o=1

The receipt....…tml

got 6 packs from wakefield this afternoon

How is this possible, what with Cheddar not being even close to the Lake District?

Was in Morrison's Todmorden and purposely went looking for this cheese, only on shelf at full price. Glad I read this thread though because calling at Sainsbury's later.

bought 2 packs at morrisons hartcliffe in bristol,its not flashed up or on an end,its just on the shelf,and my mrs works there on nights too&didnt know!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't find this in my Morrisons and looked for it all week. Cold for me. Waste of my time looking for it.
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