Lakeland dry soon airers on sale

Lakeland dry soon airers on sale

Found 1st May 2015
These heated drying racks now have 20% off
3 tier was £92.99 now £74.39
2 tier was £76.99 now £61.59
Winged was £76.99 now £61.59
Wall mounted was £69.95 now £35.99. (Which I make more than 20% off)
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Now added thank you shambles
No problem, but I think it needs to be in the title, as per the posting rules
We have a three tier and it's very good but I am sure we only paid 65 pounds for it
Have a three tier one quite disappointed as takes ages for clothes to dry on these. better than nothing I guess. Dries quicker if your lucky enough to have a south facing sunny room to dry on a normal airer
Cheaper to buy some exercise device
If you spend over £60 code DOG15 gets you a free double oven glove.
Even the discounted prices are a bit spicy... Far too much for what it is.
I agree with sergiup

This is more like a decent price £29.99 plus £4.99 delivery…ast
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