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Posted 29 November 2022

Lakeland Dual Basket Air Fryer (5.5k & 3.5l litre baskets, 9l total) - 3 Year Warranty £139.99 Delivered/Free Click & Collect @ Lakeland

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In stock and ready for dispatch

Bizarrely doesn't have the SYNC feature but it's in stock, has IMO the best 3 year warranty in the marketplace** (potential big money saver speaking as someone who has a Ninja AF300 which is 17 months old and has been out of warranty for 5 months!) and is pretty unique in having differing sized baskets (really like this feature).

Fully expecting loads of cold votes but if that worried me I wouldn't post many of the deals I do (or upset so many ppl on here who go on to vote down my deals just because I've posted it).

Free click and collect from your local store if you can't wait for one to be delivered.

** Quality you can depend on
We're committed to offering quality products that will give you amazing results, stand the test of time and provide excellent value for money. No product makes it into our range without us really putting it through its paces; however, if you buy something from us and you're not 100% satisfied, or it is faulty, you can return it for a refund or replacement for up to 3 years – just bring along your receipt or emailed order confirmation as proof of purchase.

Lakeland Dual Basket Air Fryer

Product number: 26920

We all know air frying is the healthier way to fry your favourite food, using hot air instead of oil to get the taste you love without all the grease or the calories. But with two separate baskets for cooking different foods at the same time, the Lakeland Dual Air Fryer takes cooking to a whole new level, letting you get twice as much out of your air fryer in the same amount of time – time-saving and energy-saving, what’s not to love? And it'll help save money as well. If you're a family who loves a weekly chippy tea, you'll save plenty of pennies by treating yourself with a Friday 'fakeaway'.

Dual baskets

While most air fryers have just one basket for cooking one thing at a time, this clever machine has both a 5.5 litre basket and a 3.5 litre basket for cooking two different foods at once, so you can use it in place of your oven, rather than as just another kitchen helper. Depending on when you want each dish to be ready, you can either choose separate times for when you want your food to finish cooking, or you can set both baskets individually to finish cooking at the same time, so that both dishes are piping hot and ready to serve together. Fish without the chips, anyone? We didn’t think so!

Not just for chips

When people think of air frying, they usually think of crispy-on-the-outside, fluffy-on-the-inside golden chips. And while it does indeed cook perfect chips, from thick-cut to skinny potato fries, it’s so much more than a one-trick chip wonder. From chicken wings, seafood and juicy steaks to pork, onion rings and even cupcakes, it’s hard not to be impressed by its versatility – Evie from our Buying Team successfully cooked up a full English breakfast in it!

Pre-set programmes

You can set both baskets to cook at custom times and temperatures or, if you prefer, there are eight pre-set programmes to choose from, which are easy to select at the touch of a button:

  • Frozen French fries
  • Roast potatoes
  • Cake, bread and scones
  • Steak
  • Drumsticks
  • Chicken wings
  • Shrimp
  • Roast sausage
  • Egg tart

The taste you love, without the calories

Air fryers have become quite the cooking sensation over the last few years, and it’s easy to see why – by circulating hot air evenly from every direction, it cooks your favourite foods using little to no oil, meaning less fat, less grease and, perhaps most importantly, fewer calories.

Easy to use

The multi-functional touchscreen panel is really easy to read and use, with separate screens to display and adjust the cooking settings for each basket and the eight pre-set functions which are clearly displayed across the top. The baskets are non-stick so food is easy to remove and they’re easy to clean afterwards too.

As with all Lakeland electricals, it’s been tested, tested and tested again until we’re confident it’s more than up to the task. It’s also covered by our 3-year guarantee for added reassurance – and it’s a great price too!

Product dimensions9 litre capacity (5.5 litre and 3.5 litre baskets). 40 x 36 x 31cm H. 6.8kg. Flex 70cm. 1700W.

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  1. Avatar
    I'm not sure what's so hard to understand with an air fryer. You're cooking a big meal for a large family you stick the oven on... you're cooking a meal for less people/warming something up...stick the air fryer on.
    I have this model.and it takes a while to warm up compared with a single more rounded model from salter. I got it much cheaper than this though and I think it's just about worth what I paid but it's not great if I'm honest.
    Amazing how many don't get this...
  2. Avatar
    Back in stock and available to order.
    Great info, thanks, I'll unexpire and credit you in the OP (edited)
  3. Avatar
    This is now reduced to 139.99
    Cheers for that, I've updated the deal and credited you in the OP (edited)
  4. Avatar
    thanks ordered 99. Only £15,839. If I sell them all for about £30-40 profit each should make just under 4k net. *Turns heating on now - cheers
  5. Avatar
    Have some heat I finally bit the bullet on this one was waiting for it to come back in stock
  6. Avatar
    It's a Dual Air Fryer, it's in stock from a reputable supplier, with decent specs so I say ♨️
    It's not in stick, there's a 14 day wait
  7. Avatar
    Sorry but I'm finding the airfryer hype hilarious.
  8. Avatar
    Looks almost identical to the Tower one posted two days ago at £127.73 at Amazon.

    That deal sold out quickly of course, but this one is £32 more.
    I don't disagree with any of that BTW. Like I stated in the OP, Lakeland often send 20% discount vouchers out to My Lakeland members and using that would, believe it or not, reduce the asking price by £32!

    PS How long did the Tower one last for? Certainly went OOS very quickly. No surprise, it was a great deal, especially considering the current paucity of stock on duals.. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Cold - £20 more than last time they had it in stock. 😞
  10. Avatar
    I have not seen this shape and size before but even with one this big i think it would be a struggle to cook a whole meal for a family of 4 in this.
  11. Avatar
    I have this - it's been great mostly.

    One problem has been the larger tray stopped being non-stick. Lakeland will be sending a replacement tray for the drawer.

    I have found using similar timing for the oven in the air fryer - it saves money by being around half the wattage and no warm up time. So - it will save money in the long run and things are cooked overall quicker (due to no warm up time) BUT it is still £160 outlay initially.
    When we acquired our Ninja Dual on Prime Day 2021 (for a bargainous £130) electricity was 14p per kWh and it still paid for itself in 9 months. It's now 34p per kWh so the ROI for someone with our usage of the appliance will be much quicker

    But the beauty of this one (and some others but not the Ninjas) is this has a 3 year warranty so you've effectively got 3 years for it to pay for itself in leccy savings.
  12. Avatar
    If you have a Costco card you could buy two of the Gourmia single air fryer units (they are limiting sales to two) at £47 ea and have £66 change.
    Not only that but the basket on the Gourmia is 6.7L which allows you to cook either more food or different food to make a meal. A 3.5L basket isn't really going to hold enough for more than one person and the photo shows it cooking a single battered fish portion.
    I get where you are coming from but have you worked out the space that would take up? ppl complain about the size of these dual air fryer anyway and they are much smaller than putting 2 Gourmias side by side.

    And ppl have said before leave one in the cupboard but I don't think I'm alone in thinking once you start putting an appliance in the cupboard that's where it stays. Our dual is on the worktop all the time as it is used at least once each day. We simply pull it out from its resting place on the worktop underneath the kitchen cupboard and away wego

    Ps our Ninja dual has 2x 3.8l baskets and we've regularly cooked 1.8kg whole chickens in one of them. A squeeze but doable. A 1.5kg fits in very easily. Put a 1.5kg chicken in the small basket in this and you've got 5.5l left in the other basket for roasties etc. (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Funny how this never appears when the vouchers are around
    You're not wrong. Guess what came through the door today? Yep, the discount booklet incl. the 20% off any product over £50! Expires 23/12/22 so prob no chance of this being back in stock by then (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Ive had this exact air fryer since September (Before the price increase) and its great was debating between this and the Ninja one but the 3 year Lakeland warranty really sold me.
  15. Avatar
    Not surprised they are sold out, they were still allowing orders of 99 an hour or 2 ago. The mind boggleth as to what there were thinking....
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