Lakes: Series 1 & 2 (Complete Box Set: 4dvd) - £4.99

Lakes: Series 1 & 2 (Complete Box Set: 4dvd) - £4.99

Found 29th Sep 2008
Shows as £6.99 but goes down to £4.99 in the basket :-)

7% cashback with Quidco

Acknowledged as one of the best drama series of the Nineties', THE LAKES is the dark, bitter-sweet tale of Danny Kavanagh (JOHN SIMM) a typical inner-city wide-boy who leaves the grime and crime of Liverpool for the a (hopefully) better life in the Lake District. However, his attempts to fit in do not go down will with the locals, leading to tragic consequences.


Thanks OP, never watched it but i'm in a buying mood

can only vaguely remember this series but what i do remember was really good

got 10% student discount plus quidco meaning this works out at something like £4.20

great deal

Never saw the series but based on the reviews figured I'd have a punt at a fiver :thumbsup:

its a great series h&r added

It's a fantastic prog but I wasn't aware there were 2 series made - gonna have to order it now to find out

Brilliant, brilliant series... heat added

One of my fave series of all time,it was on ITV2 or some other channel again recently,fantastic,i'd well recommend it for those who have never watched it.

Series 1 was fantastic, good find!

Hmmm i can't actually remember series 2 now come to think of it !


loved this as a teen, so much sex in it, the chef was always at it !!!!

Possibly one of the finest drama series ever to be shown on the BBC and at £4.99 it's a bargain with a capital 'B'!!!!!!!

By the way, the chef is now the porter in Casualty....
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