Lal Toofan Beer (660ml) - 99p @ B&M

Lal Toofan Beer (660ml) - 99p @ B&M

Found 25th Oct 2011
Never heard of this before. Supposedly it goes well with a hot curry
99p for more than a pint.. surely you can't go wrong?!

Lal Toofan is a specially created brew, designed to complement Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine. It is stronger to provide a robust taste platform to soften the most warming of spices but remain delicate enough to augment the sophisticated texture of curry dishes. It has a rich full flavoured smooth taste.
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Good beer - really really nice IMO.

Lovely on draught too.

All of a sudden I'm hungry and thirsty!!
Drunk this about 20 years ago.....nice stuff...have some heat
Never tried this, but on the grounds that it goes well with my fav food curry defo gonna give it a go and seems a good price so heat from me vindaloo strength
lal = red
toofan = typhoon
lesson over
It used to be brewed in Trowbridge. Very exotic. Nice lager.
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