Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls in stock at only £25.64

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair dolls in stock at only £25.64

Found 28th Nov 2011
These dolls are one of 'the' toys for Christmas and I have spent the last week trying to get hold of the Jewel Sparkle doll and everywhere was sold out. They are back in stock at and are reduced to £26.99 so slightly cheaper than elsewhere. There is also a 5% off code and I added a couple of packets of crayons as stocking fillers to get the price up to £30 (before discount) for free delivery.

This is more of an 'In stock' post than a bargain deal post for those that are struggling to get their hands on one of these dolls!
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went into smyths toyshop last week and pick them up for £18
it not showing online tho
but the double pack is for £33…e5f
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The ones in Smyths arent the Silly Hair dolls - these have hair like bendy straws that can be styled in lots of different ways - they are sold out in alot of places!! I have seen the ones you are talking about in Smyths and they have fixed plastic hair,
they was deffo the ones where they can style the hair well i believe they are anyway lol
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Sorry baz2003uk but the £18 ones in Smyths are definately not the silly hair dolls as I have been in there on my hunt!! Some Smyths stores have some of the silly hair dolls in stock but hardly any!! They are £29.99 in Smyths:…spx
Argos cheaper and
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Again... not the silly hair dolls! There are dolls with fixed hair but these are the silly hair dolls which are on lots of little girls christmas lists!
I got mine from Argos for £22, gone back up now
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