Lamarque Curved Tweezers - 20p @ Superdrug

Lamarque Curved Tweezers - 20p @ Superdrug

Found 2nd Feb 2009Made hot 2nd Feb 2009
Was in Superdrug Chester yesterday and my future ladywife found these for 20p.

Not sure how much they are meant to be normally, but i'm sure it's more than 20p for 'a breakthrough in beauty'.


o0o the tweezer to reach parts other tweezers can't.

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Like where? Bournemouth?

A plucking good deal. Heat added.


A plucking good deal. Heat added.

you could corner the market with these:roll:

Would she not be better bleaching or waxing?;-)

What's a 'ladywife'? Is that a ladyboy that's so convincing you end up marrying him? If so you'll need something a bit more robust than tweezers.


lol @ ladywife ....yes, thats all i came in here to say.

I remember humming and hawing over these in the bargain bin. Anyone with opinions of these? How do they compare to Tweezerman or Rubis? I suppose them being 20p is a hint, but you never know..

Rubbish tweezers just end up in the bin anyway

na get some tomorow

ha ha ladywife..

i was in super drug earlier....Lynx Dry 1.49..bargain...Didnt see this tweezers
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