Lamaze Emily Doll £4.44 @ Amazon

Lamaze Emily Doll £4.44 @ Amazon

Found 20th Nov 2013
Been waiting for the dolls to come down in price bargin


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Sorry forgot to add its amazon cant edit by phone!



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Seeing as im typing on a phone with a smashed screen i think one tiny spelling mistake is ok! Sorry i missed an A! Wow some people

I was going to buy this at £6.66, glad I waited. Great price! Thanks OP

Thank you

Requires further spend though, no? Delivery is extra, unless you spend £10?

If you use flubit they will beat this price and it will include postage. Got mine for £4 with free delivery from flubit x

Great price I paid over £10 for this heat added

Problem is Flubit have closed their doors to new customers been waiting three weeks no reply

The only problem with Flubit is they invite people to use their service in stages and they have not responded in three weeks. If anyone has a work around for Flubit I would be really grateful

Great find L0u33z!

Great price. Just bought for a gift

Couldn't find anything to make the order up for free delivery so went instore to mothercare and they price matched

Thanks op a few pressie's sorted
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