Lamaze Shine & Sounds Shelly Activity Toy £14.60  (Prime) / £19.35 (non Prime) at Amazon

Lamaze Shine & Sounds Shelly Activity Toy £14.60 (Prime) / £19.35 (non Prime) at Amazon

Found 12th Dec 2017
Shelly will comfort baby at night and encourage tactile exploration by day. Lamaze toys offer an exclusive Infant Development System, to guide you through the key milestones of your baby’s development.

Shelly's a snail with time to entertain, playing tunes and showing your baby the world through her mesmerising illuminated mirror.
In daytime mode, she'll keep baby entertained with three upbeat melodies.
At night, there are two soothing lullabies to choose from, perfect to slow the pace.
Right around the edge are lovely colours and exciting patterns to discover, as well as tassels baby can chew on.

Had this in my basket for a few weeks waiting for a price drop.
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Thanks ! Bought one
Thanks my son will love this
Not sure why the hate, Lamaze are the RollsRoyce of baby toys.

We left one behind on a holiday a few years ago; went back a year later to find the owners dog had it; so a year of chewing and slobbering all over it, yet everything still worked!!!
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