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Adata XPG SX8200 480GB M.2 2280 PCIe NVMe SSD - £99.89 @ Lamda-tek
Found 20 h, 54 m agoFound 20 h, 54 m ago
Cheapest I've seen it. Most stores seem to have dropped its price, probably because the Pro version is due anytime soon. The Pro version is only expected to be a few quid more, bu… Read more
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I assume so, yes for a seller rating It is rather low, if it were the rating of a film though I'd have no issue with it as taste/opinion can vary quite a bit there. Funny how that works out. I checked the feedback anyway and they seem good on customer service, i think some complained because they were a bit slow getting what they ordered.


That is an amazing price. They have poor feedback (78%) but I'm guessing you're well covered ordering from Amazon marketplace?


Just noticed the 1TB sx8200 Pro is on Amazon for anyone interested, only 1 seller so far but it's £181 which seems a good price. Might order it soon.


On paper they are the same but Samsung provides no quibble 5 year collect and return paid by them 7 day turnaround warranty without the need of purchase proof, not that your likely to need it but doubt adata can match that, so do yourself a favour and spend the extra 10 pound we'll worth it in my opinion, and from what I've seen in tests that I've looked at the 970 evo is the better drive on more tests than this one, not that your likely to notice the difference between the two in real world but its good for bragging rights.


Agreed. I don't even have an NVMe drive yet, still using an 850 Evo as I don't think my usage will benefit from it. But it still doesn't stop me looking at benchmarks and prices for them 🙈

Adata SX8200 240GB NVME M.2 SSD £62.06 shipped @ Lambdatek
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Best price on this excellently reviewed nvme m.2 ssd from adata shipped for free from lambdatek. Only 100 or so of these in stock so be quick. Specs: 240GB Capacity PCIe Gen 3 x … Read more

Funny how they don't have the higher capacity ones in stock yet.


Pro version is now available from CCL


Price is up and down on these, I paid £56.28 just 2 days ago from this same site.


Thanks for the details, same NAND though different controller, interesting drive.

WelshJester and they are listed on CCL and Lambdatek already, but not for sale yet. Faster and slightly higher capacities.

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Ubiquiti Networks UAP-AC-LITE 1000Mbit/s Power over Ethernet wifi access point - alternative to BT Whole Home & Google Whole Home, £70.28 delivered @ LambdaTek
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
I've been looking into these as an alternative to my BT Whole Home system which has become unreliable after the last firmware update. They appear to be less user-friendly to set up… Read more

Sorry, I misread your original post. Yes you can use the Superhub as a router, albeit a very rubbish one. The Unifi already comes with a PoE injector. I don't think the switch you mentioned has the correct voltage for the Unifi. You could put your Superhub in modem mode & use this as a router - I believe it is compatible with the Unifi's PoE requirements.


A switch for the Poe ? Can’t I use the virgin hub as a route r


You put your Superhub into modem mode via the hub settings web page. The DLink you refer to is a switch, not a router and won't be suitable for this. You need a router, this is a good budget model.


Can someone create a bullet point guide to Set up with virgin superhub. Will this switch work 3.6 out of 5 stars 11 Reviews D-Link DGS-1008P Gigabit Unmanaged Desktop Switch with 4 PoE Ports


1. The cloud controller is optional. You can set up the device using the Android or IOS apps. If you have a Raspberry Pi on the go you can set up the cloud controller on that but it will work fine without it. 2. My device came from broadbandbuyer with a cloverleaf + EU cable in the box and a separate cloverleaf + UK plug. My understanding is that it's illegal to sell anything electrical without a UK plug so not sure if LambdaTek would be obliged to send on an appropriate adapter if challenged.

Intel NUC7CJYH3 J4005 NUC - £106.51 @ Lambadatek
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
One of the new generation of Intel Gemini Lake NUC's that would be appealing to those wanting an alternative to Android TV boxes for all round video needs. Pretty impressive specs… Read more

The 4K world Cup stream is limited, so there are going to be a lot of disappointed viewers. Yes it's quite true that you need to add RAM and storage. The great thing about a NUC is it's flexibility as a media centre and PC in a small and very low power usage box, so cheap to run and whereas other boxes such as the Shield etc can do many things, a NUC like this can pretty much do it all.


Someone witl 2 HDR TVs and plays XB1 and always on a treadmill? Are you available? hahahahahahahahaha....


Yeh I realise it would be better playing from my XB1, but I am too lazy to buy discs these days :) and one of the TV's is for when I am running on the treadmill, so my eyes are usually stinging from sweat anyway ;)


Good for you!!! One thing about streaming HDR content is that it is still a compressed format.


I have 2 HDR TV's and stream content from NetFlix and Amazon. Though, I will be honest, my old eyes struggle to see much improvement.

DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Onyx Black £788.45 @ Lambda Tek
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Onyx Black. They have said to me that it will be an UK model coming from their UK distributer
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I like your style


1st time flyer, as well as my 14 year old son. My reason to buy was for his photography course at school, well, that's what I told the wife. 🙈🙉🙊


I’ve never flown one before so hoping I can get to grips with it in beginner only has front and back sensitise doesn’t it? I didn’t realise the DJI care package has an excess for each replacement you claim. And more expensive for the second than the first. I’m not sure what extras I really gain with the care package over and above the standard warranty really


I've flown drones before.l flew the mavic pro for 4 months last year and the platinum for 2 months this year and now on the mavic air. I'll definitely take it steady with the air as its light and drifts a little. The sensors should of detected the wall but it was drifting side ways into it :D


Phew at least the drone wasn't damaged ;-) hehe Are you and Shaggy both first time drone fliers or have you flown others before? im testing mine out the weekend

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DJI Mavic Air - Fly More Combo - Flame Red £782.47 / £786.01 delivered @ Lambada-tek
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Best price I have seen. Very tempted to bite!

Not a pricing error there supplier changes the prices everyday throughout the day. I just ordered the black one today for £788.45 including delivery


Lost it. I already sold all the accessories. That's why I got the Mavic Air. :S


wanna sell the spark?


yeah you get two extra batteries but that is something you can buy from tobydeals or eglobal as it doesn't matter about the warranty on them for the price


Yeah, that's what I mean. I never felt the need for a spare set of blades. If they break you probably crashed and your drone survived. Blades are cheap to find. The bag is fine, but I found the one with Spark combo wasn't too nice as the ones I could find afterwards, and they were way cheaper, and fitting all extra accessories. Still, you're paying a ton for a basic bag. The most valuable is the extra batt, that I will get on its own.

Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Kaby Lake (7th gen.) Socket 1151 CPU : £48.83 @ LambdaTek
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
This dual-core processor became known as the "i3 killer" due to it having the same hyper-threading feature as the 6th/7th gen i3s, but at a significantly lower price, making it one… Read more

Integrated Graphic and gamining (lol)


The Z170 board was never stated to support the Skylake CPU. They happened to be compatible. But that is *entirely different* because It was clearly a distinct board, you knew you would have to do a bios update as it was a Z170, not a Z270. If you had a Z170 board, you already had a CPU. Or you knew you were buying the older version and had a way around it. With Raven Ridge, you don't know as it just asks for AM4 motherboards.


DRAM prices have more than doubled since 2016. High demand if you believe the manufacturers on limited capacity. Slow potential for increasing capacity, you don't just knock up new production lines overnight. Even if you could why would you, since you're now making twice as much money as you were 18 months ago on the memory you can actually ship. There are only a few major manufacturers of it as well, none eager or capable of flooding the market to drive down prices. Maybe. The downer of going with the APUs is that they heavily rely on memory performance. Your system memory is now also essentially graphics memory and so you need to pair it with plenty of expensive fast RAM to get the most out of the integrated graphics. Preferably 3000mhz or better. Whereas on the flip side you can use less, slower and much cheaper RAM with a dedicated card and an Intel chop like this for the same results. The price difference probably isn't that big. If DRAM prices weren't so terrible the APUs would be a lot more attractive.


Why is ram so expensive at the moment? Prices seem to have double since I built my last gaming pc!!!


Intel have pretty much thrown in the towel with their integrated GPU efforts - they announced at the end of last year that their 8th gen CPU's will integrate AMD's Vega GPU. I know... sounds like April fools, but many sources on this along with product announcements.

Samsung ssd PM871A 512GB £161.29 - lambda-tek
Found 8th Jun 2017Found 8th Jun 2017
I'm not sure whenever this is consumer or mainly for clients but description is here h… Read more

Only 3 years warranty - no word on endurance but cold due to the 850 evo being cheaper


Seems to similar in spec to the 850 EVO. Some info here


So are these on par with their evo or pro drives?

Logitech G300S Gaming Mouse £15.83 (Including Delivery) Lambda Tek
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
Logitech G300S Gaming Mouse £15.83 (Including Delivery) Lambda Tek 9 programmable controls Achieve great results with the default configuration straight out of the box. Or, set u… Read more
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I'm not too familar with gaming mice. Would this one be worth the extra money?


I'm loving my Roccat Kone XTD which although it sounds like an ice cream is the most comfortable mouse I've ever had alongside my beloved Logitech 518 which finally pegged it after about 7 or 8 years. That's a LONG service in tech these days. So this is a fine deal.


It's a better mouse but it's out of stock now. It needs expiring.


Is it a better choice than this?


They 'check stock' when you checkout. When I bought it was down to 20. All gone.

Lenovo Yoga 700 11.6" 3-in-1 laptop (Skylake Core m3, 8GB, 128GB M.2 SSD, 1080p IPS screen etc) £419 lambda-tek
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Refurbished but it's from Lenovo's "ReThink Gold" programme which is basically "as new" A+ Condition. The last time I bought a laptop under Lenovo's ReThink Gold programme, it was … Read more
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You don't seem to be very good with dimensions either as it's footprint is smaller than that of the Surface Pro 4 (which you must think is massive compared to this). Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (without keyboard) 292.10 x 201.42 x 8.4mm Lenovo™ YOGA™ 700-11ISK 290 x 197 x 15.8


And BTW, this is an example of a line graph for a product with a downward price trend. Double dips, median line trending downwards etc. Know your graphs.


The Surface Pro 3/4 isn't a laptop - it's a tablet hybrid. The Surface Pro 4 with keyboard 1.08kg. You must live on a different planet to the rest of us if you think that's so much lighter than 1.1kg. Try comparing like for like. And as for you being "sure" that Amazon didn't sell this at a loss, how can you be "sure"? Do you work in their pricing and accounts department? You just seem to be one of those people who gets hypersensitive when flaws in their irrelevant postings get pointed out to them.


I didn't say 'now', I said it will likely come down, even more so as it will be superceded by Core M Kaby Lake. It wasn't £339 because of inflation if that's what your odd comparison was to 1864 BC was. Anyway, here's a Camelcamelcamel link - the Orange coloured one (which I was actually quite fond of) has been bouncing around quite a bit in price: The actual computer, I ended up selling mine on, it was nice but the Yoga setup made it quite heavy for an 11.6" machine and it has huge bezels so the footprint is quite big, more so than it needs to be - it ended up being one of those 'jack of all trades' type things.


These were probably £2.75 in 1864 BC. Doesn't mean that you're going to get it at that price now. Amazon always have very brief 'lightening' deals on certain items to reduce stock. Doesn't mean that they're going to do it again particularly as stock reduces.

EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750w GOLD PSU Power supply - £90.95 @ Lambda-tek
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
Tier 1 PSU, 10 year warranty if you register with EVGA in the first month on their website.
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I remember getting the 850W variant for cheaper on flubit last year. Still going strong after a lot of abuse


All im saying is youre not buying this for an amazing price, its cheaper than elsewhere but not that much cheaper, like 10quid cheaper, it doesnt deserve 300 degrees


The ebay one is from America and has £30 delivery on top... it's not been the price all year round, it was the price 6 months ago but since then its been £100 avg... this is a good price if you are buying now and don't have time machine...


Hmmm, way too much power for my new build (Skylake, integrated graphics). I might as well use a EVGA Supernova G2 1300W I have lying around here. A bit of an overkill for a ~20-80W build.


Excellent PSU's. I replaced an AX760i as my PC kept failing with the 850G2. My PC is on 24/7 and hasnt failed yet. Highly recommended. I do not think any Corsair PSU's are Tier 1 anymore.

Intel 400GB DC P3500 400GB ssd/£375.94/
Found 18th Feb 2016Found 18th Feb 2016
Intel 400GB DC P3500 400GB ssd/£375.94/ Solid-state drive capacity 400 GB Solid-state drive interfaces PCI Express 3.0 Read speed 2200 MB/s Write speed 1000 MB/s
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I also wouldn't put a V12 petrol engine in a few year old PC that given the lack of relevance for Moore's law these days is still plenty fast enough for the vast majority of tasks but would still benefit from faster storage drive speed. How about a Z87 based 4770k system? Even with PCI-e 3.0 it may still only support it as an add in drive and not boot.


Hi buddy ye this was tested on a z97 motherboard with old drivers, these don't represent the m.2 drive there are many test from benchmarks were people have used z97 (max 10gbps) the z170 boards are wide open bandwidth and if you look at ssd charts you can see those with low scores were on older z97. this is more in the range of what you'll see - Samsung SM951 512GB: a little more speed on the 950 pro @512gb And a little less speed on the 950 pro @256gb both sm951 256/512gb are the Same (ish) speed wise. As for the heat well it's not really an issue Samsung wouldn't have released it if it was and thermal throttling only happens when you heavily bombard the drive (100gb single file) then within seconds it cools again but you'd need to be hitting it hard also thermal throttling is their to extend the drives life and won't ever be an issue on day to day, also worth note that simple heatspreaders will go along way should you even need them, although as I say it's unlikely you'll be thermal throttling at all, there are also small heatsinks if you need them, but all is really needed should you be using it that hard is good airflow over the top it, or it has been noted that those with open fan gpu's close by there drive either push air onto the m.2 or suck hot air off, making thus again a null point. I prefer the sm951 - 256gb is more than enough for me its faster than the 256gb 950 pro. if you want 256gb go with the s951 as I said its faster cost me £110, if you need 512gb then the 950 pro is faster than the sm951 @512gb, also make sure you go with nvme the pro's are all nvme but the sm951's are both in versions ahci and nvme, nvme is better and can be noticed on a z170 or pcie adaptor card for anyone on z97.


To give people some idea what's coming down the pipe...... mentions a 3.2TB U2 SSD using 3D Nand that has a data transfer rate above 3000 MB/s in Sequential read speeds. One of the biggest problems touched on in this thread is thermal issues with shunting that much data that fast. By the end of next year though I wouldn't be surprised to see 3TB+ SSD drives in either M.2 or U2 break the sub £1000 barrier......sell your hard disk drive manufacturer shares now folks.


950 Pro is a better option for both size and performance. Problem is the M.2 format has some pretty fast moving things happening and manufacturers are getting caught out, Plextor has a Generation 2 PCIe x2 (lane) M.2 device that 9 months ago was state of the art and is now a dead duck walking....however they are still trying to sell it at the same price as units with nearly 3 times the performance and at a cheaper price (Look at the Plextor M6e 512GB vs 950 Pro to see how bad it's got). Plextor want over £300 for a drive that frankly is now way below par compared to what the market has done in the last few expect to see them remaindered into the channel in the next months. Here's the 950 Pro 512GB for under £250.


It's a shame the 4KB random write speeds on the 950 Pro are a bit slower than other SSDs. There also the potential issue of thermal throttling.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70, Core i7-4720HQ, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M £667.25 at Lambda-Tek
Found 18th Nov 2015Found 18th Nov 2015
Won't be a deal for everyone but seems like a pretty good gaming setup - a good i7 processor (an actual quad-core) and a GTX 960m card. It's actually a German product and is cheape… Read more

It was on offer through blue light card the emergency service discount website. Think they had 30 units available at that price. I've just actually dug out my invoice and it was £720 with a 2 year warranty


Example of UK keyboard stickers (from Ebay seller Stikkit) Basically the symbol keys to the right of the keyboard before the number pad and some of the number keys (though I did the entire row for the hell of it!)


Please tell us how you got that spec for £708?... I know Lenovo have cashback offers, but that doesn't bring it down to that price.


Can confirm 960m 4gb


​ thanks again man

MSI GE60 15.6" FHD i7-4720HQ 8GB GTX 850M (2GB GDDR5) £670.04 (including delivery) @ Lamba-Tek
Found 30th Jun 2015Found 30th Jun 2015
Previously a deal was posted for i5-4210H for 599.98. Even though that's a great deal too and I did order that, but today I came across this. With £70 more you get a better CPU, … Read more
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noticed price gone up to £772.80 before delivery charge.


if only it was pay day this is nice


I would like to know that too. This is a great deal. Lowest price for good i7 with reasonable dedicated graphics.


Very good. I might take the plunge and buy this. Any place I could get a cheap but genuine win 8.1copy?


Yeah they are reputable, been around for years!

Lenovo Y50-70 (15.6", Core i5-4210H 2.9ghz/3.5ghz, 8gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 860m, 1TB hybrid SHDD, Full HD 1080p) - Ex-Demo @ Lambdatek £464.98 + delivery = £470.44
Found 29th Jun 2015Found 29th Jun 2015
Y50-70 from Lenovo's gaming line of laptops. Very unusual to see an 860m based laptop at this price. Currently 7 left in stock. Pros: - The specs - The price Cons - Ex-demo mach… Read more
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Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10 is not enabled by default. If you want to use it make sure your language and region settings in Windows is set to UK and also download the UK speech/language pack: If you are not in the US, it seems you have to download and install the additional language pack for SPEECH (definitely applies to the UK, and possibly applies to all other English-speaking countries too). 1. Go to SETTINGS > TIME & LANGUAGE > REGION & LANGUAGE 2. Under LANGUAGES, select the listed language already there (in my case English UK) 3. Click OPTIONS 4. Click DOWNLOAD LANGUAGE PACK to download your chosen language 5. After the download has finished, go back up a level (still under TIME & LANGUAGE) and choose SPEECH 6. Your new language should be selectable under SPEECH - select it. 7. REBOOT (the changes won't take effect until you do).


Example of UK keyboard stickers. Basically the symbol keys to the right of the keyboard before the number pad and some of the number keys (though I did the entire row for the hell of it!)


Simple way of converting the Nordic keyboard to UK. Change the keyboard region to UK and they buy some "keyboard stickers" from Amazon or Ebay. They're vinyl stickers you stick on the key caps to change the symbol. About £2 and you only need stickers for 5 symbol keys.


Tear Down Lenovo Ideapad Y50-70: How to update RAM, Hard Disk and LCD Updating the BIOS also fixes the intermittent fan click:


Just the standard 3 leaf clover kettle lead ie 3 plugs to 3 prong UK mains socket. I used the lead from the power brick one of my other laptops.

AVerMedia - LGP Lite, HD Game Capture up to 1080p 60Mbps for XBOX 360/ONE/PS4 £62.84 - lambda-tek
Found 1st Jun 2015Found 1st Jun 2015
Game capture device for Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4 Record in 1080p Cracking bit of kit, I have one and here are the recording results :
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Hi there, yes they do - but its 720p recording and for a limited time. These devices run and run with no time limit.


I though the newer console's had built in twitch streaming ?


It appears 1080p recording is limited to 30fps, though if you're recording on a console that probably won't matter all that much.

ASRock C226 WS - Server / Workstation Socket 1150 Motherboard £144.10 Delivered @ LambdaTek
Found 19th Aug 2014Found 19th Aug 2014
Fabulous motherboard for building a rock solid home server based around FreeNAS (16GB of ECC RAM is recommended when using ZFS). This board is the cheapest I could find which supp… Read more
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It's dependent on having a decent chunk of RAM as well, I don't think you need a massively powerful CPU: RAIDZ2 looks like the sweet spot :)


Ah right, so other than the the controllers and disk , your cpu will be what the bottleneck?


With ZFS in FreeNAS you don't use the hardware RAID anyway, the OS needs to see each disk individually to be able to monitor disk health properly. You are essentially just using them as standard SATA ports.


just be aware that the performance of that marvel controller will most likely be pants in comparison to the intel one, and of course your arrays would be split by each controller.


To be able to use ECC RAM you need a compatible CPU: The Intel G3258 looks like a good low budget CPU that fits the bill if you don't need loads of processing power. I wouldn't recommend trying to overclock a server CPU though as the key with servers is stability rather than raw speed.

Transcend 16GB DrivePro 200 Dash Cam with Built-In Wi-Fi £75.25 @ LambdaTek delivered
Found 15th Mar 2014Found 15th Mar 2014
£89.99 on Amazon with excellent reviews. 2014 AutoExpress Winner: Smooth, detailed Full HD 1080p record… Read more
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seems to work well! just need to try evening driving out.


Should be trying this out in the next day or so.


All received ok, tested for power up but swapping my car next week so won't be doing any testing until then.


Would like to pass comment let's see if get this ok...


Would anyone who's bought this dashcam please post about their experience at... Not much has been written about this camera, so contributions would be welcome.