LaMetric WiFi clock - £126.50 @ Amazon

LaMetric WiFi clock - £126.50 @ Amazon

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Found 25th Aug 2017
Not for everyone I guess. But I've always wanted one and this seems to be the cheapest it's been new.
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I’d love one but I’m not sure it can justify a £100+ price point.
First rule of HUKD; you don't try to justify it.
Had one of these from day one. Neat bit of kit.
techmoan has one.
ssc135 m ago

techmoan has one.

nuff said!
Nice device however the screen pixels (leds) are way to large for me.
jdelaney781 h, 17 m ago

I’d love one but I’m not sure it can justify a £100+ price point.

Same here... Just priced too high
Want want want....but as everyone else states, it's too much!
Here's a review
Did anyone buy one of these? I think it looks amazing (though clearly expensive). I'm still toying with the idea of getting one and was wondering what it's like for portability around the home. For some reason it doesn't include a battery so was curious as to what happens what you unplug it then reconnect it. Does it immediately start back up where it was or do you have to go through a long boot up/set up process? Also, I read that it only works with the supplied cable. That sounds like a right ball ache if true! Can anyone confirm?
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Hi. I bought one. You can use any micro USB cable as far as I can see. And I'm using another USB charger to run it so it seems pretty flexible. As regards moving it when I unplug and replug mine it it seems to connect again and start running pretty quickly ie within 10 seconds or so. Pretty pleased with it.
Ok great. I guess it would work with a usb power bank also. I really wish it had a built in battery though!
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