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Norateen heavyweight 2 BOGOF and 57%discount.
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Normally priced at £69 for one tub they have a buy one get one free offer at the moment but if you combine it with the code bigin2018 you can get one tub for £30 and get one free. … Read more

"Increases Testosterone levels" Yep, that's pretty clear to see!


What a waste of money this is. Just eat clean proper food and you will get the contents of this. They overly claim the use of this product. What a load of S***


Obviously a c##t


Obviously illiterate!


It was when I ordered so isn't my problem if you wasn't quick enough before they stopped it. You can still add 3 and get a huge discount.

Fat Stripper 7 day trial for £5 (free del) from LA MUSCLE- today only
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
CODE AT CHECKOUT: just5 Worth £25 Supply: 21 capsules. Can be taken with water or food. How to take: Take 1 capsules 3 times a day just before meals. Each tub will last: 7 days… Read more

This stuff sounds like so much garbage. They might as well list snake oil as an ingredient. (From the website) Especially effective for stomach, thighs and double-chin - You can't target areas for fat loss 100% natural with no side effects - being natural has got nothing to do with fat loss. It doesn't even mean its harmless (but it probably is) Strong appetite suppressant, gets 'too' work in hours! - Most people don't over eat because they feel hungry. Anyway, it can't be an appetite suppressant as this would contradict their disclaimer. The disclaimer (found under Directions) * Please note: LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. It doesn't even bind any dietary fat so that it does not get absorbed by the body. Anybody who thinks these would make any significant difference to their rate of fat loss is going to be disappointed. The only way to lose weight is to manage your dietary budget i.e. calories consumed must be less than calories burnt.


What are they using it for and why isn't it a giant waste of money?


It astounds me how much your opinions wreak of pre-judgmentalness and ignorance. Just because it's for fat binding etc. doesn't mean it's a product directly aimed towards people as you put in one of the most horrible terms you could have used. There are plenty people I know who use these kinds of products, are they overwight? No. Are they "moderately health/fitness aware"? Yes.


Most disappointing thread given the title for sure :(


Why else would you use a fat stripper? It's for naive overweight people who don't realise eating at a 500 calorie deficit for a couple of months is all they need. Any moderately health/fitness aware individual will understand this and won't need this product.

Free LA Muscle Trolley Keyring at LA Muscle
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
Handy freebie and none of the usual just pay postage malarkey. Completely gratis!
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New £1 coins coming out soon, trolley slots all getting changed. Alas these will soon be of little use


minimum order £20.... :/


No longer available. Got a £10 off voucher instead


All gone now.


Actually a lot of the supermarkets are saying they won't change the trolleys.

Free LA Muscle 600ml Shaker
Found 1st Feb 2017Found 1st Feb 2017
Pop it in your basket and checkout

​Mine has arrived.


I didn't get a confirmation email.Then i decided to look in the spam folder....


because you were too late to get one ! Sore Loser to vote cold


mines been dispatched also


It's on the way :D

Free LA Whey Strawberry Sample
Found 24th Jan 2017Found 24th Jan 2017
LA Whey Strawberry SAMPLE Fresh sample of LA Whey no.1 protein 30g sachet of 100% Premium LA Whey protein Instant mixing delicious strawberry protein All essential and branch cha… Read more

So they allow you to add the sample to the basket and go all the way through registering and adding your details before they tell you the sample is out of stock? Good way to get your details for nothing... Good way to annoy potential customers too though!


Code is '10forme' £10 off a £20 spend


Expired but code for £10 off instead.


Expired :(

LA Muscle Workout Magazine- FREE Delivered
Found 24th Jul 2016Found 24th Jul 2016
FREE LA Muscle Workout Magazine worth £3, when using code- FREEMAG. FREE delivery as well.

thank :-)


Thank you


Thanks ordered. Maybe the cold voters did as I did the first time I tried to enter the FREEMAG code ... On my first attempt I copied and pasted: FREEMAG instead of:FREEMAG .. and it did not work. Then I realised that I had copied the space in front of the word too... tried again (without the blank space) and it worked... :3


Cheers just ordered!!!! I'm guessing the the cold voters are the ones who make up the numbers for the obesity crisis!! Heat added

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Free LA Muscle Body-Kit Manual eBook (100 pages)- Worth £9.95
Found 11th Jul 2015Found 11th Jul 2015
100 pages 2010 edition. Hard copy sells for £9.95 on the LA Muscle website. This still appears to be free to download via the link. The e-book was posted in the freebies section … Read more

Probably too late as I posted this 1 year and 9 months ago. LA Muscle could potentially offer it again as a freebie in the future.


It comes up as £4.99 now. Do you have a code or am I just too late?

Free LA Muscle Magazine
Found 27th May 2015Found 27th May 2015
LA Muscle is giving away FREE copies of their Workout magazine. Enter your details on their site to subscribe to their emails and you'll be sent your free copy of their workout mag… Read more



No copies left.


Feel the swell brothers! (Voted hot)

Free LA Whey Gold Sachet
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Free sample of LA's supplements. Get this as cold, yes cold as possible! EVEN COLDER, COME ON!
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Actually got a sample of this the other day. Surprised that a food based freebie turned up for a change!


This is really decent stuff. Would never buy it as price is lol


Voted cold as request. Thanks op. :3


Reverse psychology, bravo i like it


I dare you. iv'e asked for cold not heat.

LA Muscle free LA Whey Gold sample sachet
Found 17th Dec 2014Found 17th Dec 2014
Enter your details to receive your free LA Whey Gold sample sachet. It says first 2,000 customers to enter their details will receive a free sample sachet, so worth a punt.

Sadly didn't get anything last time, except their over zealous daily newsletters (which are easy enough to unsubscribe, albeit they can be sometimes useful so I haven't)




thanks op




Thanks. Last time they did this I was sent five sachets!

FREE LA Whey Gold protein samples
Found 20th Nov 2014Found 20th Nov 2014
If you're looking to aid muscle growth then get yourself a free sample of LA Whey Gold. It's a premium whey protein shake, as used by the top athletes of the world.

Sign up page doesn't work! Don't bother


be interesting what some of there other products are like before buying? as you get bored quite easily with some products and me personally i like to try whats out there and make my own mind up rather than being told whats hot and whats not


This ^ My code doesn't work.


just got an email today 'thank you for signing up for free sample' along with a voucher code voucher code doesn't work though..

never heard of that place, will check it out, keep posting good stuff here tho guys, this is #1

Free sample of SlimGum delivered free @ LA Muscle
Found 26th Mar 2014Found 26th Mar 2014
6 incredible functional ingredients Can help control your appetite in seconds Long lasting peppermint, great for fresh breath No stimulants Limited offer: 1 FREE sample per househ… Read more
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What I find weird is that chewing gum makes you hungrier as the brain tells the stomach to expect food, you keep swallowing saliva yet the stomach is still empty, so you feel even worse than you did before you started chewing gum... I've had this slim gum before and it's the same as normal chewing gum. Adding green tea, l carnitine cla blah blah won't make any diff if you eat cake all day


nothing special they didn't work with me !


:( the offer has ended


It tastes horrible at first but then it's fine! Let's see if it actually works however!!!

SlimGum - FREE Sample
Found 8th Dec 2013Found 8th Dec 2013
LA Muscle are giving away FREE packs of Slim Gum chewing gum. Add the product to your basket and follow the instructions. They will send you 1 x free pack of SlimGum. It helps to c… Read more
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I got mine today.


I got my yesterday


Did he not win it then? I don't know how to find them, they're always gone before I get there :(


mine said I have already received it :/


gimmick. I doesn't work at all. giant of the potato farmer and got piles

Free pack of chewing gum and free P+P.
Found 26th Nov 2013Found 26th Nov 2013
Free pack of chewing gum. No payment required and free postage. Product description: The world's only patented chewing gum slimming aid 6 incredible functional ingredients Gets … Read more
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Thank you very much,will try tomorrow !!


I've never used any slimming products before, so I have a stupid question. Is it safe (are there any side-effects)?


contains sorbitol which gives you the ****


I received this today ,iv never used anything like this before but they do work better than I thought they would ,had it about dinner time and I'm still really full ,


Just came today, will give them a try later.

Free Strawberry Whey Protein Sample from LA Muscle
Found 18th Sep 2013Found 18th Sep 2013
30g sachet of 100% Premium LA Whey protein Instant mixing delicious strawberry protein All essential and branch chain aminos for muscles Great potassium v sodium ratio for getting … Read more

I got mine yesterday. It mixed ok'ish, there were a few small clumps, and I use a shaker as well. The myprotein £12 stuff mixes far better. I'm not complaining as it was free, although I'm just surprised the cheapest whey on they internet mixes better than it.


Received today, thanks OP. I prefer amino shakes myself but my boyfriend is going to try this.


Came after a weeks wait


Just received this through the letterbox a few minutes ago after ordering from this post, so it seems that they do send them out. Thanks OP edit: just tried it, its rank! Worst tasting Strawberry shake I have had and normally I can stomach poor tasting ones


Bit early for Christmas 8)

Free Pack of  SlimGum - FREE Sample from La Muscle
Found 9th Aug 2013Found 9th Aug 2013
6 incredible functional ingredients Can help control your appetite in seconds Long lasting peppermint, great for fresh breath No stimulants Strictly 1 per household. T… Read more
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Did not Vote though!


I ordered these, very nice!


Thanks will look forward to getting it :)


The deal has expired, therefore you cannot apply for the freebies. Seems you just missed out.


Were do apply for freebies on this page

LA MUSCLE get big fast!  just £99! (SAVE £207 including FREE Testorone at checkout
Found 21st Jul 2013Found 21st Jul 2013
1 x LA Whey 2.2kg (RRP £96) 2 x Norateen Heavyweight II (2 weeks worth) RRP £50 1 x Norateen II (RRP £70) 1 x Sculpt (RRP £50)

Actually lol'd at this X)


Thanks for posting this. It was useful to me. Worth mentioning 10% quidco


any 1 goin on hols to egypt can get testosterone for about a quid an amp


I lift things all the time. this morning I lifted a mars bar from my local Tesco.


You'll never catch your roidhead mates.

Free Pack of SlimGum
Found 29th Sep 2012Found 29th Sep 2012
*****NOT A DUPLICATE, PREVIOUS ONE HAS EXPIRED**** SlimGum is one of the most incredible products for anyone wanting to manage their weight. A fresh, minty, long-lasting chewing g… Read more
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received mine yesterday. Not tried yeath


Received just days after ordering. Comes with a lot of junk mail though. Nice find op, voted hot xx


Cheers OP, gave a shot


Received mine today too. Thanks


Recieved mine today. Reluctant to try them now lol D:

Free Slimming Chewing Gum
Found 19th Jun 2012Found 19th Jun 2012
SlimGum is one of the most incredible products for anyone wanting to manage their weight. A fresh, minty, long-lasting chewing gum that contains 6 amazing ingredients proven to aid… Read more
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Received mine today, thanks and 30% off future orders.


Free offer has now ended. This free offer has now ended. Please subscribe to LA Muscle's free newsletter for more offers.


Free offer has now ended. This free offer has now ended. Please subscribe to LA Muscle's free newsletter for more offers. Click the Video tab under the product photo above for the facts behind SlimGum.


The 6 ingredients "proven" to aid weight loss are: Svetol or chlorogenic acid, extracted from green coffee beans it slows the release of glucose into the blood. You can get some by eating bamboo, peaches, prunes and heather. It may be involved in the laxative effect of prunes. High doses have been shown to raise homocysteine in the blood which is a risk predictor for cardiovascular disease. L-Carnitine - there is no evidence that it helps with weight loss. However it [u]might[u] rasie your sperm count or improve the efficacy if you're diabetic. Red meat (particularly lamb) and dairy products are the main food sources of carnitine. It can also be found in fish, poultry, tempeh, wheat, asparagus, avocados, and peanut butter. Do you need it in gum too? Chromium. Studies have been mixed, with some finding that chromium may help people lose weight and build muscle, and others finding that it had no effect. If chromium does work for weight loss, it seems that the effects are small compared to those of exercise and a well-balanced diet. Food sources of chromium include brewer's yeast, lean meats (especially processed meats), cheeses, pork kidney, whole-grain breads and cereals, molasses, spices, and some bran cereals. Very few people are chromium defficient, the effects of high doses are unknown. Biotin, or vitamin H. Unless you have Crohn's disease or are on long-term medication then you're not likely to be defficient. The bacteria in your intestines make plenty. Again, there appears to be no evidence it helps with weight loss. Thiamin (or thiamine). Unless you're an alcoholic you're unlikely to be defficient. Proven to increase weight loss? There's some evidence it helps in the release of energy from carbohydrates, which will be stored as fat if you din't exercise enough. Green tea - it may (or may not) have lots (moslty unproven) of beneficial effects. It has been linked to liver damge. In America the FDA have approved it for the treatment of genital warts. That's a pretty small weight loss for most people. Conclusion: it's free gum. It's unlikely to do anything for you other than taste minty. Eating less (as suggested by previous posters) won't help you lose weight unless you exercise more. So walk to the shops and buy some gum.


Sailed Through, Cheers