Land of the Dead / Shaun of the Dead - £2.96 @ uWish

Land of the Dead / Shaun of the Dead - £2.96 @ uWish

Found 30th May 2008Made hot 6th Jun 2008
And if Land of the Dead isn't your bag, there's another good value box with Shaun of the Dead in:…ew/

LAND OF THE DEAD: After 20 years, an all-new chapter of zombie horror has arrived. Zombies rule the world - except for one walled-in city of the living. But a revolution is set to overthrow the city leadership, with the zombies ready to pounce. Director George A. Romero's Land of the Dead marks his long-awaited return to the screen. Be Scared.

SHAUN OF THE DEAD: No-hoper Shaun spends his life in his local, The Winchester. When girlfriend Liz dumps him, he finally decides to get a grip. Unfortunately, The Dead are returning to life and eating the living. Facing a Zombie Epidemic, Shaun sets out to rescue his mum and Liz, and take them to the safest place he knows, The Winchester.


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These are both very good films. I can confirm that.

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This a great deal here.

Good movies, good deal

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I'm glad someone agrees with me!

UPDATE: Now even cheaper! That's just under £1.50 a film!

land of the dead is pretty terrible if thats the one with dennis hopper in,
shaun of the dead is well worth the money though

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If you don't like Land of the Dead, then maybe this other boxset with Shaun of the Dead in will be more to your taste:…ew/

yes those three are great
well done

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Then add heat to it!

Awaiting stock.

Out of stock now.
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