Land Of The Dead / Shaun Of The Dead DVD For £3 Instore At Asda
Land Of The Dead / Shaun Of The Dead DVD For £3 Instore At Asda

Land Of The Dead / Shaun Of The Dead DVD For £3 Instore At Asda

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Two features. In 'Land Of The Dead', Zombie movies slip in and out of fashion, but it's always a special occasion when the man who helped turn the undead into a worldwide phenomenon decides to add an instalment to his ongoing saga of flesh-eating films. George A. Romero's zombie movies have all appeared in different decades, beginning with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in 1968, DAWN OF THE DEAD in '78, and DAY OF THE DEAD in '85. Romero skipped the '90s, but a zombie renaissance in the early 21st century (28 DAYS LATER, SHAUN OF THE DEAD) finds him back in the directors chair. Often seen as allegories for their times, Romero's films have been connected to societal events such as the consumerism of the '70s (DAWN OF THE DEAD) and the spread of the AIDS virus in the '80s (DAY OF THE DEAD). With 2005's LAND OF THE DEAD, Romero positions the bulk of his story in a giant skyscraper which houses the last humans left on the planet; although his intentions are foggy this time, LAND appears to be Romero's commentary on the post-9/11 political landscape. The zombies only bother crews who venture outside the makeshift city for supplies, but the people are kept sedated by their leader, the irascible Kaufman (Dennis Hopper), who exaggerates their threat. What Kaufman doesn't realise is that the zombies are learning skills they half-remember from their old selves, leading to some impressively blood-soaked scenes of tumult. In an unusual move for Romero, Hopper is joined by name actors such as John Leguizamo and Asia Argento. The film greatly benefits as a result, successfully portraying an atrophied civilisation that has regressed to a primitive state, allowing its undead tormentors to sense that a free lunch may be just around the corner. Also includes 'Shaun Of The Dead'.


Its almost worth the £3 just to burn the copy of Land of the Dead to save others from watching it! :thumbsup: :-D

Beat me to it! Great deal. Land of the Dead is good for a Sunday afternoon. Sean is for a lads night in with plenty of beer standing by!

Need to pick one up cheers

Two good films. I actually like Land of the Dead. I thought it was interesting how it took a zombie film and made it more action than scary. Shaun of the Dead was a true classic. Hot from me.

what is it people like about shaun of the dead,i find it boring,unfunny and just generally crap

i did enjoy land of the dead,but you can get that for 50p on hd dvd

Bizarre pairing of films unless you are supposed to laugh at how bad Land of the Dead is?

Loved Shaun.. as a comedy,

Land was just terrible. After years of Romero telling us Day of the Dead wasn't the serious film he wanted to make when he made Day..., he made...that!
Stenches, Skyflowers, the Doom bus (or whatever it was called) Dennis Hopper and midgets! WTF? It reminded me of those millions of 80's Italian rip offs except it was far less entertaining.

Ironically Day of the Dead now looks relatively fresh, when it was just too dark and nihilistic at the time.
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