Land Rover City Lite folding bike with bag for £249.99 at Discount Bicycles

Land Rover City Lite folding bike with bag for £249.99 at Discount Bicycles

Found 10th Feb 2011
Was looking for a decent folding bike as the weather is much better now, and found this deal. To compare with Amazon, you can save £50! It is fully build as well

"A 20” alloy folder that weights around 12KG. A patented folding system from one of the most respected manufactures in the world. Frame and handle bars fold and the seatpost and handlebars are quick release for further size reduction. Shimano 6 speed gears give a wide range of ratios and make this a very versatile folding bike and it fits perfectly in to its own holdall."
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Slightly off topic but why does someone buy a folding bike and then chain it up to railings? Saw a few locked-up the other day. Doesn't make sense to me! Surely you just fold it and take it with you...
Decent price but: "Extras: Carry Bag, Kick Stand, Mudguards". That's the best part of £100 - or do they mean these 'extras' are supplied?

These and many other folders are made by Dahon. As such they are decent bikes but Dahon keep their latest developments for their own brand bikes, which you can pick up for not a lot more. Or a used Dahon such as a Speed D7 in good order for around £150.

I tried a Land Rover folder before I bought a Dahon but I wasn't so happy with its stability.

Still hot though.

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Nice folding bike, looks like a good deal aswell!
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