Landline Rental + 8 Mbit unlimited broadband for £9.99 per month @ Tiscali (existing Tiscali TV customers only)
Landline Rental + 8 Mbit unlimited broadband for £9.99 per month @ Tiscali (existing Tiscali TV customers only)

Landline Rental + 8 Mbit unlimited broadband for £9.99 per month @ Tiscali (existing Tiscali TV customers only)

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I currently have a Tiscali TV + 8 Mbit unlimited Broadband + Landline Rental package which I pay £24.99 for every month. I have had this package for over a year and I am now free to cancel.

I called the Tiscali team to organise cancellation of the package on 0845 077 4488 (frankly, their TV offer was great 5 years ago (Homechoice days...!) but has not evolved whatsoever since and is now pretty crap given what you can get on Sky or even Freeview + they don't offer 20 Mbit broadband which I want). As a response, they offered me the following "retention" package:
- they cancel my TV service
- I keep my 8 Mbit unlimited broadband connection (which for an 8Mbit connection performed very well for me)
- I keep my landline with them
- I pay £9.99 per month forever from now on (normal price for this for a new customer would be £14.99 for this package, which is still a decent deal when you think that the cheapest BT would charge you is £11.25 for the phone line ALONE without any Broadband)

One weird thing to note on this offer: Tiscali cannot guarantee availability until you have requested cancellation of your existing package. The guy on the phone claimed you would not be able to get your TV service back online after this cancellation has been requested. In addition, the guy was not able to confirm any minimum "tie in" period for this contract but expected it would likely be 12 months.


Seems a good deal to tide you over till they go bust! I am surprised they are still operating after everything I have heard about them.

Still, £9.99 is pretty good for what you will get.

im with tiscali and never had a problem

there safe as house now owned by cpw:)

Didn't realise Tiscali were still around, I thought they were Talk Talk or Carphone warehouse these days.

Been with them for exactly 1 month. Despite all the scare stories no probs at all. Also they bill you after the month and not in advance like some others do (Sky for instance). So far so good:w00t:

yes you get the odd moaners but they are really good i have the tv aswell just like the sky + box and only pay £19.99 a mth
you get
free line rentle with free
wkend calls

Been with them for a couple of years for broadband and line rental always seemed very cheap (£15 including a small numner of calls I have made) although 9.99 sounds even better!

Service/speeds/reliability have all been fine.

A quote from a Talk Talk employee earlier today " Tiscali is owned by CPW but it is run as a separate company"

Sorry but if I could 'un-rep' you I would (just joking - I know it's not your fault) - your post stirred me to check what was available from tiscali for me in way of upgrades - before I know it I've managed to transfer my phone line to them at an undisclosed price with never typing "confirm".
Needless to say I'm looking for another broadband / phone supplier and their cancellation department will be getting a cheerfull call from me in the morning when they eventually open :x

Worst company ever (possibly better now tho... dont know)
They billed me for almost a year after cancelling, almost had to take them to court.
This year they took my grandparents phoneline without permission, billed them for a sevice they were not taking, had a completly different person listed as the occupant. They refused to talk to any of us as we were not this bloke due to data protection, continued to threten my grandparents for not paying the bills, tried to take them to court for not paying etc etc.
We wrote several letters with no reply, BT had to "steal" the phoneline back and only once they were taken over did we get a written apology and a full investigation. I would wait and see exactly how much they have changed before taking any services from them.

Not voting either way, just telling my story

Have been with them for approx 3 years now... wasn't too impressed with "peak" times speed, sometimes would only get around 50KB/s.
But since roughly the time that CPW took over the speed is much better and I get almost the full speed whatever the time of day
Only thing I can moan about now is the price as we're not at an unbundled exchange, so paying approx £28 a month for broadband and phone, but in that we get free calls anytime too.. so not bad at all, just could get it for less if we were on an unbundled exchange.

Original Poster

I certainly agree with some of the comments made above... The transition from Homechoice (which has always been great I thought) to Tiscali TV was a nightmare for me - they initially wanted me to use a totally useless router, which they eventually changed... Took ages to get hold of someone in their technical support call centre (and then they were useless anyway), etc. Anyway, I would not rate their customer service very highly when there is a problem (it may have improved since they were bought by Carphone Warehouse - dont know..). However, once it works, it works fine and more importantly, this deal is only for people who are ALREADY with Tiscali, so taking this deal ain't gonna make them worse off in that regard!

In addition, I really think that the broadband connection is great. I pretty much only use it for Usenet, and it gives me 800 Kb / sec constantly, 24/7... Can't complain! I know that they throttle P2P traffic etc. but nearly all "unlimited Mb" service providers do AFAIK, and anyway even this gets better when off peak.

By the way all those voting cold, please tell me where you can find a better broadband / phone line package for 10 quids per month - I would be interested to know
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