Landlords: Advertise your first property on Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree for FREE. Tenants: No Admin Fees @ OpenRent

Landlords: Advertise your first property on Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree for FREE. Tenants: No Admin Fees @ OpenRent

Found 12th Mar 2014
First post in a loooong time, but am constantly lurking and getting sucked in to other great deals! Please go easy, I know I'm outing myself as a landlord here so not expecting much sympathy...!

For any landlords (and I guess tenants), this is hopefully a great deal I saw on TV last night:

They will advertise you on Rightmove, Zoopla, Gumtree etc, draft you a digital contract, do tenant reference checks, and process your deposit.

The first listing is free - and normally costs £29.

Having been charged 11% of my yearly rent 2 years ago to list with an agent, and then finding this, I was ecstatic.

They also claim to have no admin fees, so it's a win for tenants too (and means rent money isn't going into agent's pockets!)

Had a bit of a search online and the reviews suggest they're decent too.

Hope this helps any landlords / tenants out there!
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is this in the right section?
Sounds good. A decent agency is of benefit to tenant and landlord because it keeps costs down which benefits both parties.
Not sure if it should be in a different section, but it is literally a "home" deal. Happy for a mod to change or suggest a move?

The good thing is that if you have a tenant stay for more than 1 year you don't have to pay anything in the 2nd or 3rd year, which has been something which really peeved me off with normal high street agencies! Why should I keep paying them forever!!??!?
& how accurate are tenant reference checks? Any 1st hand users (landlords) on this service?
Don't know, but I'd guess they're all as accurate as each other.
I am a landlord. I would want tenants credit checked too. Been stung before.
This is a great site. I advertised my property to let and it has far exceeded my expectations. Lots of enquiries and prompt responses from the openrent staff. Constant updates are provided for referencing and as it was my first advert it was free. It was listed on zoopla and rightmove for 5 days and even when this ended I continued to have a steady stream of viewing requests and questions.I would recommend.
I actually thought that I had already posted a review for this company but I must have been sleeping 'cos I can't find it!! So here goes again!
What an incredible service - our ad went live late on Friday afternoon and 24 hours later we had had 12 enquiries and, by Sunday, the first people to view it had signed a contract and they move in on Thursday!!! The response was unbelievable but even better still was the help, advice and service we had from the OpenRent team. The web site is so easy to use - even for slightly nervous users like me. If only all businesses were like this ,life would be great. Don't hesitate for one second to use this company to rent out your property - or, I guess, if you are a tenant searching for a place, then your experience would almost certainly be as good from the other side of the fence. All our contacts said they had been impressed with how the system operated for them.
Keep up the good work, guys
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I've just used this company and have been really impressed with their service. I've just signed up some fantastic tenants from my ad and would without doubt use this company again. Very impressed! As a previous reviewer has said, do not hesitate to use them if you are considering it. Their service is excellent and posting an ad is simple. Prospective tenants can even leave a message for you to request a viewing and you can then access the message online. Brilliant!

We used Open Rent to find tenants for our flat. We got lots of enquiries and made arrangements with most of them to see the property the following weekend, thinking that some would not turn up. However most of them did and we were spoiled for choice and could have let the place ten times over. We got great tenants who have now moved in.
What we liked about Open Rent is that they do not make charges to the tenants for admin, contract signing etc and their reference service is only £20. Having paid excessive amounts of fees to estate agencies for tenancies for our daughter while at university we were very pleased that our tenants did not have to pay these fees.
Just used this service for renting out my flat. Found tenants within a few weeks and they are now moved in. Local estate agents were going to charge 10% a month for doing no more than finding suitable tenants Would highly recommend.
I had 23 views in 3 days, the service is well organised, easy to use and really useful.
The staff is helpful and kind.
The service works and is really cheap! You will pay (around 20 pounds!) just if you need more exposure and if you want to be online on specific websites.

I recommend this service 100%

Thanks OpenRent!
excellent service, much better exposure than local letting agents. will definately use again
Have used Open Rent twice now to advertise my property. They are brilliant! First ad is free, i got loads of response, it is fast and easy to advertise.They offer help and advice and £29 to advertise is a good price . I did not use them to do the checks but they offer a full service. Will always use them in the future.
An amazingly easy service providing a huge response in a very short time - thank you Open Rent - highly recommend!
Advertised with OpenRent and was inundated with enquiries.
From these enquiries I got a new tenant who paid the deposit and signed contracts within the week.
Thank you OpenRent!
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