Landrover Vorbano - 17.5 " Carbon Frame Mountain Bike - £599.99 @ Land Rover Bikes

Landrover Vorbano - 17.5 " Carbon Frame Mountain Bike - £599.99 @ Land Rover Bikes

Found 30th Mar 2011
Looking for a new bike I came across this excellent spec bike...seems to get good reviews. Down from £1500.
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Nice! For £59 I would buy a few, but £599 is a little dear for poor old me.

Click the picture for a larger version

[image missing]

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Not sure who makes the frame? The group set is a mix-mash of Deore and XT and would probably Set you back £150'ish (OEM) The Forks are about £175 and Juicy 3 Brakes would cost you approx £100.

So all in, deppendant on frame quality this bike seems reasonable value but would you really want to ride around on a bike with a car manufacturers badge on it?

It's not like they are known for supplying quality bikes. I would look elseswhere personally. But have not voted cold as
this is not a bad price if the Frame quality can be varified.

Frame Quality Varified:…62/

On doing some research this looks like a fair bit of kit at this price. reviews are fairly good even @ £1300.
So I will vote Hot. Not sure about that Badge though?

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looks HOT

gutted its for small men!
Very good bike for the price. Heat added. Also a smaller frame is better for downhilling and serious off road riding.
Hot! Good price if it's in your size.
Sadly, it would appear Land Rovers customer service leaves a lot to be desired! I ordered one of these, had my order status change to 'confirmed', only to receive an email nearly a day and half later that it was out of stock and asked if I would a like an alternative (which was actually a poor offer too!)

Such a shame. What makes it worse is the fact it still appears for sale!
17.5 is quite small, so that will limit the appeal of this deal. Not a bad package at the price, as long as the frame is up to snuff. Plenty of cheap carbon frames out there that ride horribly.

Also, it's a 2008 bike (so on the market since about Q3 2007). It was discontinued in late 2009. View it in the catalogue here.

Regarding the customer service aspect, the Land Rover branded bikes are distributed by a company called 2x2worldwide - Land Rover only licence the use of the name.

Last time I spoke to anyone from 2x2worldwide, he was telling me that a carbon frame's not good offroad because it gets damaged easily - complete nonsense and perhaps the reason they have a pile of unsold bike coming up to their fourth birthday...

It's a shame in some ways that some marketing pleb agreed to licence the LR badge. Done well, it would enhance the brand. Unfortunately they're (now) low end bikes which aren't representative of a premium product. The customer service and the level of product knowledge I've experienced from 2x2worldwide doesn't deserve to trade off Land Rover's name.
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Why expired? Still listed here.
Duggie_22 - It's expired because (as I mentioned above) customer services (at 2x2worldwide) confirmed to me they cannot fulfill my order (despite it still appearing to be available which I pointed out to them)! They have 'had staff search the warehouse' (yes, really!) - It's very poor customer service/relations!

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