Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne - £16.49 ... Morrisons

Lanson Black Label Brut Champagne - £16.49 ... Morrisons


Hot, good price for this, it occassionly goes lower than this though.

is it still 25% off 6 bottles aswell?

says maximum limit 3 bottles per customer so they covered there bases there

I was waiting for the Moet, Bolly or Tattinger to go to this price like they do every year around this week. Maybe this is the best Champagne deal that's going to happen this year at Morrisons. Still not a bad price so voted hot.:)

It all tastes the same to me!

staff discount on wednesday should bring this down to around £14 a bottle

Watch this deal go scorching hot..

Good price if you need it for a celebration.

Not sure I could personally tell the difference between champagne and a decent cava or other sparkling wine, but sometimes knowing it's champagne is just as important as the taste

Not bad, seen it cheaper though in the past few months.

why do people mention their staff discount on here, never makes sense to me, just enjoy your extra discount, no need to share with the class.

i don't get staff discount myself its my father in law and i mentioned it cos on wednesday its increased so was just reminding people to take full advantage of it

I purchased the same deal at Tescos

Bought a bottle the other week for £20 and thought that was good so heat added

Any ideas when this offer begins? Just tried my local Morrisons & its still full price!

Thanks op, get extra off with my staff discount.

Good price. Thanks

Strange. Full price in my Morrisons too! Wish I could vote COLD now!!

OP, when is this going to be on offer? This page suggests it's not at the moment:…ts/

Yes, when????

Still full price.

Time to stock up for xmas and new year!

Still full price today in Brentford.

has anyone got this yet? it still seems full price

good deal

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gonna try the rose one

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kaplunk it there so maybe just online..

thats 375ml

The price has now dropped in Brentford, but of course now they are out of stock.

I've just realised that all of these links are for half-bottles. Not a deal then.
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