Lanson Brut Rose Champagne 75cl £19.99 + vat @ Costco

Lanson Brut Rose Champagne 75cl £19.99 + vat @ Costco

Found 7th Aug 2010
The price stated doesn`t include vat as with all costco prices, but still cheap compared to sainsburys, tesco etc who are selling it for £33.99.


£33.99 elsewhere by the looks of things.

so its £23.50 for a bottle of champagne. Not hot for me. knock off £13.50 and I'd consider it.

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Where have you seen it cheaper?
If you haven`t why are you voting cold? ( and I don`t think you will get a bottle for £10 anywhere )

So if it is £23.49 why not put that as the price, because it is not available at £19.99
Anyway why buy from the French, they would not buy it from us if we had made it ;-)
Get some Spanish Cava much better value

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I don`t get the people on this site, you can`t buy this cheaper anywhere else so why vote it cold for stupid reasons like the above post?

Champagne houses pay a fortune on branding. Trying to makes themselves sound elite. Blinded taste studies show this to be bollcks. I appreciate you uploading the deal. Theres lots of information on this if you google. check out this 'which' study which shows Moet and Lanson finishing well below sainsburys own brand even though costing double the price. I feel more angry about branded drugs against generics but thats for another thread.…tml
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