Laphroaig Quarter Cask 48° abv Whisky only £25.18 at Costco

Laphroaig Quarter Cask 48° abv Whisky only £25.18 at Costco

£25.18£3324%Costco Deals
Found 7th Dec 2017Edited by:"siadwel"
Next best I can find is £33.00 at Waitrose. 48° abv. No idea if it's any good because I'm not a whisky drinker but seems a nice present for someone who is. Only available at this price until 17th December. In-store only. VAT included.
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Good price. Heat given.
Bought 2! Great peaty flavour and smooth finish!
Come on Amazon price match already! I've been waiting all year!
48% abv, not proof. Proof is double %
gsfoofan5 m ago

48% abv, not proof. Proof is double %

Nice drop that, heat added.
Like a mouthful of bonfire infused tcp, and my favourite
Is the price +VAT?
buckm1 m ago

Is the price +VAT?

No, includes vat.
Great price and a great whiskey!
Marmite whisky, some love it, some hate it. I love this stuff, heat added
Saw this the other day they had plenty in the Glasgow store! Other cracking deals on booze too tbf.
Only £25 at tesco
My favourite whisky
woody5614 m ago

Only £25 at tesco

For this, or the 10 year old?
woody5656 m ago

Only £25 at tesco

Not this one, you're getting them mixed up.
this is great - bear in mind it is about 5YO so rawer than the 10YO but has a lot to offer
So quarter cask is horrble....then nice....then love! Tried the 10 year and was very unimpressed. Quarter is the way to go.
Biggushlong1 m ago

horrible....then nice....then love!

yep that's drinking a bottle of whisky, all right
need a price match for non costco people
This is the peat-iest whiskey readily available, be warned
Great price and perfect present for my dad thanks op!
Heat. Got 2 at this price last time, but unfortunately not able to tag along with my Costco friend anymore. Amazon should do a deal on this before Xmas so keep em peeled if you cannot do Costco.

Like others have said be darn sure you know what your buying and check any potential present recipient is a heavy peated whisky fan and not just a whisky fan. Amazing stuff IF you like your peat
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