Laptap cooling mat at discounted price £12.00 @ASDA

Laptap cooling mat at discounted price £12.00 @ASDA

Found 27th Dec 2013
Real cheap deal for a laptop cooling mat ever found. The Chill Mat rests on your lap and disperses heat generated by the laptop, using dual fans to provide ventilation which can be obstructed if the laptop is used on a pillow or comforter.

I understand a similar deal is also available from amazon now. More choice means good for consumers like us
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I don't think the one on Amazon is for laptaps though.
And takes power from the USB socket on your laptop .Maybe a different make but knackered my laptop last year.
Wow this is sooo cold
Similar cooling pads in Poundland and 3 fan models on ebay for £3.25
Thanks OP. I cancelled the one that I had ordered from Amazon (posted earlier) which is the same model and have ordered this one.

Hope the topcashback tracks and the 2GB card (as specified in the pic) makes this better purchase.

Strangely this post has received more cold votes while the Amazon post received more hot votes (even though the product and the price are exactly the same)!
I purchased one of these in pound land.
Does exactly the same job.
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