Laptop skins (Lapjacks) £14.99 plus £2.95 delivery @ PC World

Laptop skins (Lapjacks) £14.99 plus £2.95 delivery @ PC World

Found 5th Jun 2008
LapJacks are a cool and safe way to bring some life to your laptop. They are laptop skins or laptop stickers that are made from a high quality adhesive vinyl which you apply to the laptop lid to personalise and protect your notebook computer.

Easy to apply
Easy to remove
Smooth finish with no air bubbles
Durable and hardwearing
Wipe clean with damp cloth
And when you remove no residual glue!

Not too many current Dell's listed but you can measure your own sizes.

The attached voucher may work for 5% off.

Dont forget Quidco.


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Not a very good deal here.

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Depends on how much you value the lid of your new notebook staying scratch free I suppose.

£10.99 plus £2.95 delivery from ]here

even cheaper on ebay

my lappy came with a plastic protective cover on the lid and it's still there. I see no need to remove it.

Great idea but a bit non-office for my liking.

Can anyone find a Hello Kitty 12" vinyl for my gf? Rep on offer!

[email protected];2250995

Can anyone find a Hello Kitty 12" vinyl for my gf? Rep on offer!

theres loads on ebay, if you do an international search for "laptop hello kitty cover" or replace cover with vinyl.
eg: item number: 110258574882 & 330241760162
No specifically UK ones as they all seem to come from hong kong (doesnt everything on ebay!). They all state you have to cut to size and im guessing for a 12" laptop you would need to trim alot, so i hope you have steady hands!

you can get these cheaper pratically everywhere, just type in laptop skin on google

Can someone point me to the cheapest place to get skins for my Dell 17" , its got loads of scratch at top, I need to place a skin so it looks decent! :-D ?
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