Large 12.5 oz Yankee Candles £10.37 @ Tesco

Large 12.5 oz Yankee Candles £10.37 @ Tesco

Found 4th Nov 2012
Found in Tesco Llansamlet Swansea - priced up at £12.97 which in itself is cheap for a large size candle but Tesco doing 20% off at moment bringing price down to £10.37.
A selection is also available online where link will take you but better selection Instore.
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if these are the 'yankee at home' range they are not as good, normal price for a large Yankee is nearly £20.
Can't find anything
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they are on the tesco direct site, they are the ones without the proper yankee label ive had them from asda before
10 quid for a candle ! Your all mad
does this smell of yankees?
hooray henry

10 quid for a candle ! Your all mad

not really, they last for weeks even months:), much longer than a bunch of flowers for the same money, smell nicer too.
I buy candles and then burn them, burn them with fire.
They are simply home ones.
Might as well set light to a ten pound note...
Until I read this thread I did not know there were differing types of Yankee Candles.
Bought a couple of these from House of Fraser outlet - Binns - in Doncaster when I found that they had little or no effect and burned very quickly HoF refunded my money although I was 200 miles away! Good old fashioned service.
Simply Home are "official yankee candles" and some are stronger than others.. they're like the value range of Yankee Candle if you will and this is a great price.
Large yankee jars are 22oz, so these must be medium.

Large yankee jars are 22oz, so these must be medium.

yeah I wondered that too.

I love Yankee candles and buy loads of them - my favourite is Sandalwood and Sage & Cinnamon. Do agree re the Simply Home range not as good as the others and I dont buy them.
I burn the tarts all the time - absolutely brilliant when you have friends round.
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