Large 4lit Filled Hanging Basket £3.99 at ALDI

Large 4lit Filled Hanging Basket £3.99 at ALDI

Found 4th Jun 2015
From 11 June instore

25cm hanging baskets. Choose from Candy, Azure, Hot & Spicy or Hawaiian Crush.
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Thanks for posting, heat added
Nice heated
wonder what a hot and spicy hanging basket is like! great prices ta op! cheaper than buying the basket/compost and plants. good gift too.
Had the hot and spicy one last year. No idea of what plants were in there but it grew massive producing lots of red flowers. Have been waiting for these as it is cheaper and easier than doing your own. Will definately be getting a couple.
Excellent deal!
Hot deal. It's a shame our local Aldi only ever seems to stock half dead plants
Large 5lit better quality for 99 p b and m
The B and M one is 5l and filled with plants like the Aldi one? Might be 99p just for the plant pot.

Bought some marigolds from Aldi yesterday, 20 for under £3, all good quality. Have to agree though that it very much depends on how the individual store looks after their plants.
None in Chelmsford today gutted!
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