Large beer packs - £7 each in store at Asda

Large beer packs - £7 each in store at Asda

Found 23rd May 2009
I was in Asda in Leith in Edinburgh to get the 2 for £14 beer packs but the offer didn't seem to be on anymore - instead all the big beer packs that had been part of the offer were £7 each.

Fair enough, if you want 2 packs it is the same deal as the 2 for £14, but if you only want 1 pack it is probably better as the original price was about £10 each.

I got 3 packs which were:

Stella - 18 x 284ml bottles
Budweiser - 15 x 300ml bottles
Kronenburg 1664 - 18 x 300ml bottles.

Others included were John Smiths, Strongbow, Miller Genuine Draft and a few others.

Not sure if this is store specific or nationwide.
(Actually now just seen an advert on TV showing that this offer does not apply in England and Wales)


Is this offer still on?

Edit just back and it's still on.

Got this in a email

Two 15 x 440ml packs of Carling for £14 at ASDA

Get two 15 x 440ml packs of Carling at ASDA for £14.

Whilst stocks last. Offer ends 1st June 2009.

So this is still on :thumbsup:
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