Large chest of drawers 5 + 5 £99.99 VERY

Large chest of drawers 5 + 5 £99.99 VERY

£99.99Very Deals
Found 20th Mar 2017
Decent quality and easy to assemble!
I paid £130 last week and noticed it had price dropped so emailed very and asked if they would refund the difference (which they did).
I was happy paying £130 so £99.99 is an excellent deal - plus it's interest free for 6 months if you want to pay in instalments and also you can get £20 off of if you register a new account - just need to be referred by a current member
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its not very large. The depth is smaller than my set with is 48cm. This one is only 40
Sorry its not as large as yours... but you probably don't need one if you already have a massive one?? Maybe post a link to yours?
it's still pretty big though (that's what she said) and decent price as you would pay £80 if you used the deal... how much does your enormous one go for??
Ji, Are you talking about chest of drawers?
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