Posted 30 December 2022

Large Christmas tree storage bag £6.89 Dispatches from and Sold by The Magic Toy Shop at Amazon

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Perfect for Christmas tree storage

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With handles, either side of the bag, your Christmas tree and even all its accessories will be easy to store together until next year.

Including a separate pocket on the side, you can organize your Christmas tree and its accessories separately.


  • Includes A Side Pocket
  • Option Of Large Or Small
  • Strong, Durable Material
  • Dimensions Of Large(cm Approx): L 125 W 30 H 50

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    Home Bargains sell the large one for £5.99
    And medium £4.49 I got a medium which fits my 7ft tree.
  2. Avatar
    I used one of these to store my last tree, this year I opened to find a completely brown dead tree. All needles completely fallen off. never again.
  3. Avatar
    Just bought using my £5 Flamedeer win. Won't be here until mid-January when the tree will have been packed away but at least it will be better than the broken/old cardboard box it usually goes in.
  4. Avatar
    Many thanks for posting
  5. Avatar
    Ordered thanks OP
  6. Avatar
    I wonder what else could fit in this bag...
    Ask Mrs
  7. Avatar
    It's where you put the bag with tree inside was our problem so now switched to a £20 real tree.
    Still have the bag. (edited)
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    Looks similar to one I have for wrapping paper, zips are useless and failed after a year
  9. Avatar
    got one a few years ago still using it but the zip barely works / stays closed
  10. Avatar
    Unsure why this only got 4.1 for “easy to assemble” when it’s basically a bag with zips? Does it have supports you slide in the side to maintain its box shape? Otherwise it should be a 5/5 😬
  11. Avatar
    Better with a plastic tree storage box from B&Q same price or poss cheaper now
  12. Avatar
    Had one of these, didn't last unfortunately.
  13. Avatar
    Very flimsy fabric around the handles.
    Ripped on first use.
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    I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but with a cheaper bag like this i suspect leaving the bag in the loft and taking the tree to the bag might work better, rather than carting it through the house with a tree inside. I'm going to give it a try and might just bear hug the thing rather than use the handles.
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    Ok, so I ordered this bag and have a quick review -

    Arrived day after ordering! I have a 7 foot, average width 3 piece plastic tree with built in lights. When I laid the bag next to the tree I laughed as I thought there was no way it was fitting, but the bag surprisingly swallowed it up with room to spare. I was very careful with the zip as it does feel like it would pop, I also didn't touch the handles as a previous review said they rip easily. I then bear hugged the thing into my loft which was easy enough. As long as you are delicate with the bag and take it slow I don't think the bag would rip. At the end of the day it's 7 quids worth of bag, and i'm happy with it.
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    Amazon do a thicker storage bag for about a tenner I don't know if any good but usually the bags are so flimsy the Handles break or zip goes or part of the tree rips through the bag. Might be a better ideal to get a solid plastic container which were about £8 from Aldi
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    Mine came this morning so will test it out tomorrow.
  18. Avatar
    Agreed, however the size that this bag expanded out to take my tree, i'm not sure i've seen a plastic container that big
  19. Avatar
    Already ripped on the way up the loft so you get what you pay for here. Unlikely to survive next year.