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Large Hauck travel cot - REDUCED FURTHER to just £26 at Tesco
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Large Hauck travel cot - REDUCED FURTHER to just £26 at Tesco

Posted 15th May 2017
Kudos to jdRiggs for finding the original deal which made 280 degrees at £35 - now this is reduced by another £9 to just £26 and still showing good availability! Blurb reproduced below.

+ Bargain Argos is £59.99 for a 60x120 Hauck travel cot (item 382/1877)
+ This travel cot is the same size as a standard 60x120 cot (bit smaller than a cot bed which is 70x140)
+ As it is longer you can use it for a longer period than the more square like style ones.
+ They will fit in this as long as they fit in their proper cot.
+ This one will take a standard cot mattress if you wish.
+ Also takes standard cot size bedding, sheets, blankets etc, (the shorter travel cots leave a challenge as to how to tuck away the extra length on blankets without making the cot uncomfortable)
+ The top and bottom of the cot are fabric panels, a great help if you need to sneak out of the room.
I also found the fabric panels meant baby didn't make strange with the new room as he did with our previous 4 mesh sided square style one.
(We had to replace our square one as baby was too long for it at 14 months.
We used the square one as a playpen though as it is good for that.)
+This one is very easy to put up just remember to pull each of the 4 sides upwards to lock them BEFORE pushing down on the base.
To fold take out the mattress and pull the base up fully, then press the button on each side fully ensuring the side is folding in a V shape, if not push the button again and it will
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Thank you so much!
Thank you, that's awesome just ordered one.
had two, both broke. poor
Parents bought this for our little one. Good build quality for occasional use, although as with all cots, its backbreaking if the kids are up a lot. In hindsight, I'd suggest a cot with a hammock attached when they are really small.
4 boxes in tesco extra banbridge
Seems like a good price, so deal worthy of heat, but worth spending a bit of time reading reviews as there are some shockers.
Thank you so much just picked it up in my local
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