Large Labeled Recycling Bags £1 each @ Poundland

Large Labeled Recycling Bags £1 each @ Poundland

Found 23rd Jun 2011
Large labeled recycling bags at poundland, they can be linked together as there is velcro on the side.

Glass, Plastic, Paper.

Can be used for other things, looks like thicker material as well

bought a set so thought i'd post it incase any one wanted to get them
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Look reasonable, what are the dimensions ? Cheers.
Good price - I paid double for these in Wilkinson last year.
doesnt say on the label
great price
i am going to have to check this sotre out that you speak off
are there other things just as cheap
they sell anything and everything everything is a pound hence hence the name, noodles bacherlors where 3 for £1, 7 bags a crisps £1, sell anything basically worth a wonder can get some stuff cheaper than the local supermakets. colgate, flash ect
Are they disposable?
reusable, will last a long time, says wipe clean only
i was in the £ shop last week, and i was about to ask how much something was, till i realised it was all £ as i was in a £ shop

It is a big shop though, it's easy to forget ( my excuse anyway, lol)
the main branchs is the other one is slightly smaller
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