Large lindt chocolate gold bunny £1.99 HOMEBARGAINS!!!

Large lindt chocolate gold bunny £1.99 HOMEBARGAINS!!!

Found 28th Mar 2009Made hot 28th Mar 2009
i went into homebargains and noticed these lindt chocolate bunnies, there massive compared to the ones you buy in asda, i went to compare them at asda and they were half the saize and double the price, so you should deffo take a trip to homebargains to have i look, i bought loads to give to family,(they will think i spent lots on them hahaha)


Also 3 for £5 in my local One Stop - may be nationwide i dont know ;-)

Good find.

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i went to my local one stop and the gold bunnies are alot smaller then the ones in homebargains, just thought id let everyone know

great deal.. shame id have to drive 48miles to my nearest store :x

cant wait till these are in £land, fingers crossedd...

Wish there was one local then Miniarchie. All weve got local is One Stop or Asda/Morrisons/etc and i thought the 3 for a fiver deal was good. If these are double the size then great deal... and i love Lindt choccy one of my favs :-)

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dont get me wrong the deal in one stop is good,considering these are nearly a fiver each in asda,so if you havent got a homebargains then this is good too. if i didnt have a homebargains id have bought them from one stop too as i love lindt chocolate also :-)

Ha - will these cost more in Scotland with the chocolate tax?
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