Large onions 3 pack £1.10 or 2 packs £1.00:  instore @ Tesco Exeter

Large onions 3 pack £1.10 or 2 packs £1.00: instore @ Tesco Exeter

Found 1st Feb 2011Made hot 1st Feb 2011
Was described as "TescoLogic" by one of the staff! Three large onions in one of those orange, nyon-mesh tube thingies are shown as £1.10, but as a special offer, you can buy two for £1.00.
I'm still shaking my head, trying to compute this... Ethics aside, it's cheaper to buy two packs and then throw one away...??? How can this be anything other than a good deal? Unless of course you might be a recovering onion-addict, or onionphobic.

It's like a BOGOF that they give you 10 pence for buying! Strange...


works out very similar to Asda Trafford centre I bought 3 onions in a net bag for £0.50 on sunday.


I always find that tesco onions aren't very fresh!

Slicing into this deal makes me feel a little tearful.

These mistakes happen when you outsource you price and promotion changes to a centre in India, doesn't Tesco make you feel warm inside.

Asda were doing similar deal at the weekend 3 onions for 50p

is it true that if you chew gum while chopping onions your eyes dont leak?

I believe what you mean is alliumphobia. Or perhaps onion-specific lachanophobia. But good deal nonetheless

No good for making curry's, you need the small ones,which makes eyes waterier;)
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