large tesco pumpkin [email protected]
large tesco pumpkin 50p@tesco

large tesco pumpkin [email protected]

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large tesco pumpkin now 50p


hope this one is bigger than the last one. People said they were tiny.

Our store has them, decent size

This was posted today and was deleted.

called in to our tesco today to pick some up - left laughing as they were so tiny.
The larger ones were 2 for £3 but just went to asda instead and got even bigger ones for £1 each.

Thats cheap, does anyone ever eat these things though?

i went to get these and they only had the 2 for £3 ones. had already promised my little boy he could choose his pumpkins so couldnt get out of it to go somewhere else lol might pop to lidl as i got a huge one there last year for a bout 75p a couple of days before halloween.

oh and morrisons have a recipe card for pumpkin and cinnamon cupckaes

I got two delivered tonight, one was tiny the other was an ok size, definately not large by any means but it will do but I was disappointed

I ordered one with my online grocery order and the store must have run out of large ones cos they substituted it with an extra large one but price matched it so I got the extra large for 50p still. Result!


Thats cheap, does anyone ever eat these things though?

I do


Thats cheap, does anyone ever eat these things though?

Yes, pumpkin and cream cheese soup, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins...

still 2 for £3 at tesco nr me just got back, off to asda tomorrow for eye exam so will check there


I do

Yeah! Pumpkin pie is deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!

small not large!

Ordered mine with online shopping and i got a large one, perfect

the same happened to me I ordered 4 pumpkins (50p) with my online shop and when it was delivered last night I got 4 extra large ones and was price matched worth trying if you do your shoppen online .

The general consensus is that Asda has a better selection than Tesco, so I think I'll try there today.

Try roasted pumpkin seeds - lovely!

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expired again :((

try making pumpkin and chilli soup with the flesh, it's really nice!

got mine in tesco yesterday it says 2 xl pumpkins for £3 but when u get 2 till 75p also the large ones say 75p but come up as 50p at till

I just bought one this afternoon, so I don't know why this is expired!


Just thought I would show off my attempts at carving with the 50p pumpkins!

As you can see one is an ok size the other is definately small!

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been expired 3 times, it puts me off adding a deal!
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