Large walk in greenhouse £19 in store at Asda

Large walk in greenhouse £19 in store at Asda

Found 12th Jun 2011
Went to Asda to check on a small greenhouse posted yesterday. None available but they did have a large walk in type reduced from £38 to £19. It seems to be the one on the Asda link though the cover was opaque rather than green. Full price on line.
Assembled without tools.
Size in cm 186x122x190
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Various reviews on this type from previous posts here. Obviously try and site in a sheltered position from wind and tie or weight it to the ground.
Easy and cheap way to tie it to the ground is to tie 5 litre water bottles to the inside (or outside) and put your bin(s) against the sides against a wall or bush.

These rip VERY easily, so don't expect them to last over 2 years. (1 year if you don't have it sheltered).

I have one like this and it holds a lot of plants, and does the job for the money.
1 year? ours didn't last a month :-(

wouldn't waste £19 on this

(not voted as its a good price, just rubbish product)
As has been said before in other threads here recently for this greenhouse, Tie it down and site against a wall or fence and this will last no problems..

Be a lazy oik and plonk it anywhere, and expect it to go walkies in the first gusty winds that come your way, use your brain people and this will last a good couple of years!
It will blow away
I have used the screw type fixings for dog leads, one in each corner and it is fixed firm...
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